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14th July 2014, 00:44
This was posted originally back in May this year.



14th July 2014, 00:51
This was posted today in the same lunasin thread on alstdi.

Posted: Sunday, July 13, 2014 10:07:10 PM
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answers I got regarding Mike :
1. how is Mike today, what new improvments did he get since this video : Even more improvements with strength and voice, eating
2. when did Mike start to take LunaRich and Now : Last August (2013)
3. when this video was made February 2014
4. how much LunaRich and Now does he take 9-12 capsules a day, 3 scoops of NOW a day
5. does he take something else than Now and LunaRich Yes he takes Provantage from Reliv for muscles, not available in France

improvements : Mike on the audio always says three months.....and his wife April says always she saw it earlier

Someone else has posted that the supplement is being looked into by alsuntangled, an organisation funded by mnda to evaluate treatments reporting the ability to bring about improvements for patients suffering from mnd. I do not think they have reported yet. They do not carry out scientific research into anything they research but pull together all existing scientific evidence and anecdotal reports available.


14th July 2014, 01:12
Hi John,

As she said at the end, very pricey, and not too sure if it's not another "money spinner"
They've known about Soy isoflavones from around 2000, so not too sure what he's discovered lately,

Take care,

23rd July 2014, 20:01
Another update on Mike and lunasin:-

Stephanie Collins says that reports she asked to people taking lunasin are still coming in. Mikes came to her yesterday :

neuropathy in toes; got it in 2011 - has improved from purple and red to just red.

Michael's history from April

10 to 12 capsules lunarich
either 3 now with 1 classic or 2 and 2 or 1 and 3
2 large scoops provantage
One half scoop fibrestore

Started taking some products in August 2013
More products more results over time
Gained 20 pounds
Went from almost no swallowing and feeding tube to currently (July 2014) eating most regular foods through mouth. Went from weakening voice to strong voice
Gaining back some muscle tone and more strengh in legs and arms..walking more independently (can walk only short distance; example, to bathroom and back)

PLS bulbar onset diagnosed in 2009

28th July 2014, 13:42
Further update reporting improvements

Posted: Monday, July 28, 2014 1:33:11 PM
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I have been feeling better for the last 4 days now, exactly since the 24th of July, just after 1 month t of Lunarich and around 45 days of Now :

. more fluidity in my movements : I can now reach out my arm and take my ipad at the end of the table
. body less heavy, I can move better
. slightly better speech and strength in legs and arms
. less tired
these results are not constant throughout the day, but I do feel better, 5 days ago I was still feeling very bad, as heavy as lead ..
I really hope it is the beginning of something ..

PLS bulbar onset diagnosed in 2009


31st July 2014, 13:10
More positive reports from mariep

Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2014 10:18:54 AM
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Olly, Ron, Jason and our other members, I really think that you should try lunasin, I have taken so many different treatments .. this one works for me better than all the other ones .. and we can see from testimonies that other pals are starting to feel better also.
this morning I was able to take my bath and walk around 1/2 h with my tripod canes, and I am not tired ! 2 weeks ago I had just enough strength and patience to walk from my bed to the table to take my breakfast and I was exhausted .. and I hadn't strength enough in my left arm and hand to type on my ipad, today they are much better.
what do we have to loose anyway ? believe me 2 weeks ago I was still so bad I thought this product would never work for me, now I feel so much better, I have the feeling my body is starting to leave his prison of lead, and hope is there !
PLS bulbar onset diagnosed in 2009


1st August 2014, 07:35
Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2014 8:32:47 PM
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avoutersterp wrote:
looks like a commercial for body building

you know avouterstep, my husband is so glad that I am feeling better than he would just like me now to spend less time on the forum and more time to enjoy our holidays, especially if this information is just inspiring that kind of interesting comment.
I sent many mails to Stephanie Collins, often rude, criticizing the way Reliv is distributing the lunasin, sending her studies showing that soy can be dangerous, telling her that I didn't feel any improvement at all, and so on ! Her kindness, patience and explanations, with video and audio testimonies made me think I would go on trying lunasin, but 3 months maximum. I was thinking that I was so bad that loosing all my time just to try lunasin was maybe a huge mistake that I would maybe bitterly regret one day !
To help me to be patient, which I am not, when she said that around 60 patients had been starting lunasin around June, I asked her to get in touch with them and have them communicate their results, good or BAD ! and she did it, and she will ask pals to send them updated each month. And I took the time to send these testimonies on the american and french forums because we must try to give as much information as we can find to our members, as much as they try to do so !
the 23rd of July I was just like a statue in lead, I couldn't move my arms, I was feeling so bad that I wouldn't never have thought possible to wake up feeling better on the 24th July, and it has been still better for these last few days. I needed help from my husband for everything, we are still so glad and surprised I could put my pull-over today by myself !!!
I don't know whether improvements will go on, I don't know how many pals can have improvements, but I would just feel guilty not to inform our forum that this nutrition can work, what else can I do that hoping the Same for other patients and give them my 35 % discount ? and send a mail to Stephanie Collins to thank her to have answered all my mails when I was so bad and desesperate and even angry to live this kind of life in prison in my own body !
Avourstep, I have a great sense of humour, but I take this matter very seriously considering how much we are suffering from this disease ..

PLS bulbar onset diagnosed in 2009


25th August 2014, 08:58
More news from lunasin posted today on alstdi website.

Posted: Monday, August 25, 2014 5:24:59 AM
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Hello ALS community,

I was directed to this community by a person interested in Lunasin. There is so much to share I will do my best to give some relevant information.

There is much exciting and very PROFOUND information to share with the ALS community. I have shared in another ALS discussion but feel it is appropriate to address your question now as Lunasin is an extraordinarily key component to what has begun helping people with ALS to either not show progression or some people over time showing reversals although it is different for every person.

1. Lunasin provides the nutritional fuel to promote optimal expression of genes required for normal cell function.

2. Lunasin protects - reduces inflammation and cell damage caused by free radicals and other environmental hazards. Provides protection in two ways:
Prevention. Activates the expression of genes that help reduce cell damage and prevents the expression of genes that can cause cell damage.
Maintenance. Helps remove damaged cells from the body that may cause chronic health problems.
There is much more detailed scientific information about how Lunasin is working at the epigenetic level ie.

LunaRich marks the culmination of an extensive research and development process that began with the discovery of the lunasin peptide in 1996. Lunasin is now one of the most heavily researched and scientifically supported nutritional compounds available today.
25+ Research institutions
20+ Funding sources
50+ Published papers

For your information and others who are interested I will again share about Michael ( who is now speaking loudly and clearly when he couldn't speak or swallow before) and also in the last 4-6 months there is also another gentleman who is having wonderful results with the Lunasin nutrition. I can review what is going on with both of them, but, also mention in the last few months other PALS are beginning the nutrition and results are coming in slowly. It takes time and there are never any guarantees but there is a new hope! People have been having great health results since World War II with this nutrition with many health concerns but now with the concentrated version of Lunasin people with ALS are ALSO beginning to see results which with the nature of this devastating illness this just doesn't happen.

It seems like the tip of the iceburg for the ALS community and a NEW FRONTIER opening up for whoever is reading as you are some of the first to hear about the benefits since it is shared by word of mouth. Two testimonies are shared below:

"Michael’s Story
April 18, 2014

It took 2 years for Michael to be diagnosed with ALS. He had lost 50 lbs., losing balance, losing ability to use hands/arms, speaking and swallowing affected. Early 2013 he wasn't able to swallow and speaking difficult, had a feeding tube as couldn't swallow any longer. It was so serious his wife had all 5 adult children come in to see him for a family/Celebration of his life to see him as he was going downhill fast.
In August 2013 he began this advanced nutrition, first capsules opened and placed into feeding tube then 2 weeks later added nutritional supplements. In first few months he regained 25 lbs. and began to improve his swallowing function, eating mashed potatoes and gravy and pureed vegetables in the 3rd month. He also began speaking again.

Spoke to him 2 months ago, they were excited as he was now chewing and had his first roast pork dinner with mashed potatoes! His voice was easy to understand and he's excited and hopeful about continuing to improve! His aides had noticed it was easier for him to get in and out of the shower.
Spoke to him 2 weeks ago while introducing him to someone who's family member has ALS and his latest news is:
- speaking more clearly
- when walking instead of having someone walk in front of him in case of stumbling, they walk by his
side (he's more steady)
- he is not as exhausted when finishing his shower
- he ate Chinese food for the first time and loved it! ( Shrimp with lobster sauce and egg fu yung )
- he is now able to drink water again!
- Mike can also raise his hands, which he was not able to do before ~ has been able to put a phone up to his ear. This is tremendous as his arms and hands are still very weak!

-As of more recently, August 2014, Michael can now hold onto a fork and lift it to feed himself. There is more - What a wonderful inspiration he is to so many people suffering with ALS.
His muscle tone is stronger and he has no longer been needing the feeding tube for quite awhile now.
Great news is that Michael's ALS neurologist is seriously considering a clinical trial!
Michael is excited about his recovery, his progress, and is looking forward to seeing continued improvements. He has a renewed outlook on life and hope for his future!

I can't help but share the exciting news now of the health changes of a 2nd gentleman who has had ALS for the last 4 1/2 years and he and his family have been desperately praying for answers. They had been so disappointed to see the downhill progression over that period of time but positive changes are happening! He began taking similar advanced nutrition (Lunasin) as Michael consistently and is seeing amazing results which is just the beginning.
- He is sleeping through the night
- his legs and arms are stronger,
- wiggling toes which he hadn't in 3 years and they are no longer curled but lay flat on the ground
- He is able to roll over in bed
- swallowing is easier not gagging while eating
- now actually walked up the stairs where previously only used a walker dragging his legs by holding the walker using his upper body before the healing started.
He and his wife are considering this a miracle and thanking God for their new hope! There is even more profound progression since some of the information I just shared."

I care about people and know that many are not aware that this is available so if it were myself going through a serious illness, I would pray for a resource and that someone would share with me in case it could help myself or a loved one. I have friends who's loved ones never had this available to their family with ALS, my heart goes out to them. They wish they had known about this advanced nutrition (Lunasin) but it wasn't available even 3 years ago in the concentrated form. I believe there is a new God given hope for people with ALS with this advanced nutrition and cannot help but let people know there is something new that is making a difference.
Now that these profound results are happening with Michael, this other gentleman and new people who are beginning, there is a mix of the nutrients which are commonly being used to help PALS. Often over time there are adjustments which need to be made.

Even one person taking the step with this Lunasin who can be helped in a positive way is a blessing. It would be tremendous if this could be made known to the ALS community and spread the knowledge as this is SO EXTRAORDINARY! I recognize every person is different and has various stages of the ALS, but, there is hope.

I truly care and would be happy to be available to anyone interested in learning more about how this may be of help and will continue to be available over time as a person has questions and needs. That is what I do with this advanced nutrition with many other health concerns and it has been life changing for so many! ALS is so serious, I can't help but want to make a difference in people's lives for the better!
Again, should anyone else be interested I would be happy to share many more details.

We never a claim to cure, diagnose, treat any illnesses but we do believe the body is a miracle and with the right tools (nutrition) the body is capable of amazing things.

God bless anyone and their loved ones in this courageous fight for life, love and healing with ALS.

Should you have any questions or comments feel free to email at jLjan@msn.com.

386-569-7273 (United States)


Big Steve
25th August 2014, 22:11

This appears to help PALS in the USA and there has been some interesting articles posted very kindly by John. However, Forumites have been very quiet on the subject.
Come on guys, let's have some strong words!!
Personally, I am currently on the Aimspro trial with several other people on this forum. Anyone noticed any changes. Good or bad?
I am not easily persuaded on these matters and I know that this product is apparently very costly.
Is it just a money spinner as Ray suggests or is there mileage in these testimonies??

Let's have some discussion


26th August 2014, 00:19
Thanks Steve for pointing out apparent lack of interest, you're spot on,
I've said before, this is nothing more than a chat-room, with a daily dose of bewilderment crap,

Nobody apart from John and i, post anything that can help the body now, assist better health.
There's many a good thread on here, Pete's "why" was good for example,..but eventually dies-off,
and many other good one's, pertaining to health matters in some way, or info/help of some form,
but there's one thread that keeps appearing daily, like a PC virus/trojan...and it won't die-off

Seems most folk are more interested in daily updates in that, rather than attempt any improvement,...
like it's accepted as MND, nothing to do but wait on your number being called,..

I've recently urged folk to try Lunasin, sarcastically saying "oh but it won't work for me"
It seems to be a good product, which is producing results, about time, good for American folk,.
Just the last couple of days, i've been trying to compare it's properties,..it relates to Genes,
I've been looking at Electrolytes, Enzymes, and Genes, ..so Lunasin interests me.

I can understand if John gets a little frustrated (maybe not) at lack of interest, no enquiries/posts,
folk don't seem to have any "get up and go" about them, no effort to try, just take a Placebo and wait.

If it's apparently working in the USA, can't it work here in the UK, is it the air over here,..or costs??

This Sep/Oct, i'll be 5 yrs apparently stopped,..is it only me that can do that........or anybody???
It's lonely on this road i'm on, but my path is set,..and i hope i find the recovery gate shortly,
You folk still have a choice, which path to take,..progression,... slowed down,.... or stopped.

Best wishes

26th August 2014, 06:04
Hi Steve,
Thanks for keeping it alive. I have no idea if Lunasin will work . The feeling on alstdi is that nothing is going to work for everybody as mnd is such a complex disease that it appears to be more than one variant. There are people in the USA who are holding their progression back with a cocktail of drugs and reporting some success whereas others try and do nothing to halt their advances. Lunasin seems plausible but is expensive. One person recently bought a years supply because discounts get bigger with bigger orders. He said this cost him $2700. For people facing the loss of their income and having to finance equipment and home adaptations this is a lot of money. Also the suppliers say it may take 3 months before benefits start to show. People trying this on alstdi have generally started in July and August so it is early days. They are being urged to report back so hopefully the next few months will show if this is snake oil or the real deal. I hope it is the latter.


Big Steve
10th September 2014, 20:31
Hi Lunasin followers
Found this on ALSTDI and thought it was worth posting

testimonies sent by Pals to Stephanie Collins
updated AUGUST 2014
I am sending them with testimonies of July to enable us to see the evolution
To other members of the forum who are taking lunasin, please send us also your own testimonies

Michael Mc Duff - UPDATE AUGUST 2014
gained another 8 pounds in August.... so one year later!!!
Michael McDuff (pals seen on the video) JULY 2014
10 to 12 capsules lunarich
either 3 now with 1 classic or 2 and 2 or 1 and 3
2 large scoops provantage
One half scoop fibrestore
Started taking some products in August 2013
More products more results over time
Gained 20 pounds
Went from almost no swallowing and feeding tube to currently (July 2014) eating most regular foods through mouth. Went from weakening voice to strong voice
Gaining back some muscle tone and more strengh in legs and arms..walking more independently (can walk only short distance; example, to bathroom and back)
neuropathy in toes; got it in 2011 - has improved from purple and red to just red.

I'm still on 6 of the pills and 1 scoop of each now and proadvantage
feel real good, sleep good too bowls very good I don't choke as much and beath better
voice is the same no good, see no differents in my walking
no sore muscles or crumps PRASE THE LORD blessing to all rex
started 6-3-14
76 age
LRX 6-7 capsules and NOW 2-3 scoops per day with orange juice
The big things [voice-walking- balance] i have seen no change.
But I feel good and very alert, sleep good
I will stay on this because I feel things have stop progressing.

Armand - UPDATE AUGUST 2014
sleeps well, continues on, nothing drastic, will continue to order
Armand - JULY 2014
Age 70 1 NOW scoop twice a day, 3 capsules 3 times a day
7 weeks
energy level much better
NO more spasms at night when is sleeping!
looking for more results, just adding the Provantage

no additional improvements but ordered again
Teri - JULY 2014
Age 59
12 Lunasin Capsules, 3 scoops Now, 4 1/2 scoops Pro Advantage, 9 Tablespoons 24K
On product as of May 22,2014
Back stiffness gone, regaining slowly muscles in upper legs that was here diminishing, left hand and arm feeling a little stronger, upper torso regaining some strength
Reliv is an item in the "Berwick Academy". I am a former "Big Sister". I haven't seen my "Little Sister" for two years. She didn't know I was physically ill. Tears came to our eyes,as usual I spoke through IPAD . I told her what I was on, and getting stronger. Yes she blew me away when she told me that is a big topic in her class of genetics. Learning all about Reliv and what it's doing in the body repairing it. I told her I will be her testimony!!
Believe is to Receive,

Anthony - UPDATE AUGUST 2014
UPDATE... no more changes, continues to take it.
Anthony - JULY 2014
Age 64
12 Luna RichX capsules and 2 scoops of Classic powder daily
Started May 25, 2014 (7 weeks)
Improvements: I have more energy, my walking is a little more stable and I can walk a little quicker. I feel better. My biggest problems are breathing and swallowing and I haven't seen any improvements there yet.

Mickael from France - UPDATE AUGUST 2014
did not hear back, just ordered again after running out.
Michael from France - JULY 2014
Age 43
Reliv products: LRX 9caps day, NOW 3 shakes day
How long you have been taking the Reliv products:1 MONTH
Improvements NOT YET

Marie - UPDATE AUGUST 2014
no more improvements - spasticity and feeling to be in lead which had been reduced from 90 % to 10 % during 3 weeks are now again at 90 % in my body very often - difficult again to turn in bed - loosing strength in legs - still some fluidity in arms
I had bought Innergize (1/2 scoop x 3) and Fibrestore (1/3 x 3) to add to Now and Lunarich in August thinking to improve faster
Marie - JULY 2014
61 years old France - PLS
diagnosed in July 2009
last may, neuro has found some signs of ALS in left hand and probably left arm
Problems to speak and to walk
Now : 3 scoops daily - since 14th June 2014
LunaRich : 6 capsules - since 25th June - 9 capsules since 15th July
I had the feeling the first week to be less tired
Paralysis in legs, torso and arms are still going on
UPDATED in the course of July
I have been feeling better for the last 5 days now, exactly since the 24th of July, just after 1 month t of Lunarich and around 45 days of Now :
. more fluidity in my movements : I can now reach out my arm and take my ipad at the end of the table
. body less heavy, I can move better
. slightly better speech and strength in legs and arms
. less tired
these results are not constant throughout the day, but I do feel better,
tonight, could sit down and lift my legs on a tool in front of me without the help of my husband .. 5 days ago, I couldn't move my legs and he had to lift them on the same stool ..

Carey’s dad - UPDATE AUGUST 2014
have not heard back yet, very late stage
Carey's dad - JULY 2014
66 year old male
Taking one month
No improvements

Ken - AUGUST 2014
no changes yet
Ken - JULY 2014
74 years old
He's on Now, 1/2scoop , ProVantage, 1/2 scoop 5Luna RichX caps. 2 x per day.
Started taking the product in Mid June 2014

Ken is diabetic and has a peg tube in so he's been on Glucerna 1.5 since January 2013. The Glucerna has a lot of supplements, ie vitamins and minerals , in it so I'm careful about increasing dosage of supplements so he doesn't reach a toxic level.He's also been on the 'Deanna Protocol" since mid 2012. In 2011 he had lost a LOT of weight, down to 130lbs but has gained back up to 180 with the help of the peg tube and Glucerna. His color has been really good so it's hard to say if there's any improvement their. He's bed bound with a trach and on a home ventilator so he doesn't get out of bed at all. Hard to judge his energy level. He had been on a lot of medication that would cause him to be drowsy. I've cut him back on all of those. He says he feels good and his outlook is very good also.He hasn't swallowed anything since before he went on the ventilator and would have to go through a swallow test before we could try and with him it would most likely involve going to the hospital. We are both looking forward to seeing improvements big or small. I'll be watching for increased movement in his arms and hands since he's not been able to move them much. No movement in the left arm and hand and very limited movement in right arm and hand. He had bee able to use his blackberry to text and e-mail up until several months ago. I'll keep you posted.

.stronger speech, just ordered again. shared his story on Mikes call today.
TOM - JULY 2014
I have been diagnosed with ALS and have been using the following Reliv products:
1. Luna Rich NOW (1 scoop 3 time daily= total 3 scoops daily) for almost 2 months;
2. Luna Rich X Capsules ( 4 capsules 3 times daily= total 12/day) for almost 2 months, and
3. Luna Rich Pro Vantage (1 scoop 3 time daily= total 3 scoops daily) for approximately 3 weeks.
I am delighted to report that my speech is beginning to improve as noted by people in the course of "face to face" discussions and telephone conversations .
I am anticipate improved hand muscle control in 1-2 months.

Elaine - UPDATE AUGUST 2014
feeling more energy, no voice changes, no more twitching at all. Does weekend traveling with friends now
Elaine – JULY 2014
49 years old – started on product June 14
Neuro muscular disease - Walks okay; cannot talk. Glaucoma
Improvements: Could not sleep on back or on right side – was going to get an oxygen tank but did not need it. Able to sleep on back and right side after a few days
No more twitches in face and tongue; no other noticeable improvements

did not reorder
Al – JULY 2014
74 years old – started on product June 17
PMA (Progressive Muscular Atrophy) form of ALS: can walk (legs right side affected); atrophy arms and hands; no appetite, forces himself to eat, muscle weakness in neck. Anemic. Voice okay, can swallow
Improvements: walks in a straighter line, better balance

Terry - UPDATE AUGUST 2014
not consistent, but more energy, and will continue to order
Terry (male) – JULY 2014
51 years old – started on product June 11
A lot of twitching all over his body (arms since June 2012). Able to walk but ALS in thighs now. In left arm, hand and right hand. No problem with swallowing. Little bit of weakness in voice.
Active man (mows his own lawn, works every day) Hasn’t noticed any improvement

August Skin tone back to normal. walking better, laughing and joking Participates in conversations now!
Tom – JULY 2014
55 years old – started on June 15
ALS: Lost 25 pounds, has essential tremor (suspect Parkinsons?), walks okay; leg cramps; leg weakness (one leg); cramps and shaking in hands; getting difficult to swallow, no appetite. Voice weakening. Face grey color, sunken cheeks and eyes; not very talkative
6/17: swallowing better.
6/22: eating better, left leg that he couldn’t get into bed – now able to lift it in on its own merits; can move toes; better color in his face.
6/27: sleeping better, no more dry mouth
7/15: one month on product. Leg weakness and swelling gone; appetite even better; swallowing 100%; better energy, happier, more talkative, smiling, laughing; face fuller, skin tone improved.

Frank - AUGUST 2014
Could only text or email, no speaking at all .... 3 months on Reliv, his voice is still a little weak, however he can now speak to people even over the phone
3 NOW, 3 Provantage and 12 LRX day
Frank – started on June 10
UPDATE...... went on vacation had three incredible days, then next week had two incredible days where as before he was having NO good days
Frank - JULY 2014
U.S. Navy –Gulf War – Gulf war highest rate of ALS in Navy.
ALS: right arm bad (first), left arm going, legs bad.
First night slept like a baby.
6/17: sleeping later
No other improvements noted.

Scott - AUGUST 2014
UPDATE>>>>he is taking the Luna rich capsules 12 a day he has been on it for 3 months we have noticed a difference in muscle tone in his upper arms and family has noticed a difference in speech. I hope this will help another family. Scott is so young at 42 and has had ALS for 7 years.

Eric - AUGUST 2014
UPDATE>>>>What are you taking .... 4-5 caps of LRX, 2 scoops of NOW
How long have you been on the products? since June 1
What are you noticing?
Swallowing is noticeably better than before being on LRX- NOW. I have been able to maintain my weight.
rest of me continues to decline in strength, mostly in my arms. but I will take the improved swallowing any day...

Jamie - AUGUST 2014
UPDATE.....speaking more clearly, flexing muscles, this week stood up and went to bathroom by himself. Thrilled
Started June
NOW, LRX, provantage
age 34 aggressive form of ALS

Food for thought if it to be believed..............and why not???


Big Steve
12th September 2014, 11:16
No opinions from the masses yet?
There must be somebody else looking at this?


12th September 2014, 11:27
Hi Steve,

On alstdi it has been pointed out that Stephanie, who is sharing these reports is a distributor for lunasin. They are urging people to report direct rather than through Stephanie.


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