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23rd July 2014, 20:12
… Well hopefully I shall be spending the next few weeks in the Vendee region of France. Not quite as mobile as I was last year, and a few more obstacles to overcome. However, I am sure a few cheeky glasses will be consumed… Accompanied by croissants and mussels (however, not together!).
Take care, keep well, God bless.

23rd July 2014, 22:51
Hi Pete,

Way to go, I hope you enjoy it ,and the weather is kind to you, it has been quite a few years now but we spent two weeks driving around Europe ,went to so many countries and have to admit ,Italy was my favourite ,but France came a very close second. All those miles in a ford escort Mexico !! Now that takes you back a bit be honest.
Have a great time

Pete ,the other one.

24th July 2014, 00:07
Evening Pete
Have a wonderful time and don't bring me back anything cheap

24th July 2014, 01:21
Hi Pete,
God it's bloody true, "you can't hide money"...always buzzing somewhere nice, USA the last time,
Just make sure you're not flying over the Ukraine, hope your flight is better than this lot, check out the last pic,


Have a great time buddy,

24th July 2014, 03:56
:) I went there a long time ago, i must have been 26yrs old. I met so many beautiful local people, i still remember Madame Cantin and the food! it was July, so was boiling hot. You have a great time Pete, you can tackle those obstacles or skip them.

Happy holidays

24th July 2014, 04:25
Have a wonderful time Pete! :) Enjoy it all ! Keep us posted of your great adventures!


24th July 2014, 09:36
Have a great time!
We're going to fly to Ireland on Sunday. My favourite country!

24th July 2014, 13:10
Hi Pete,
Have been to St Gilles Croix de Vie in the Vendee, 6 times for summer holidays and just love it! Fond memories of the moules, preceded by a Kir Royale, of course.
Ellie xx

24th July 2014, 13:20
Great choice Arda!
Hope you have a lovely time.
Ellie xx

24th July 2014, 22:40
Happy holidays to you :) Becky x

31st July 2014, 22:22
hi everyone, thanks for your good wishes…
just wanted to let you know, all is going well in France. Lovely weather, a few cheeky glasses! Ellie…St Gilles Is a lovely place, and we have visited it numerous times over the years. Keep checking on you all, to see how you are all doing.
Always in my prayers, take care, keep well.

1st August 2014, 01:30
France, New York!! Your taking the world by storm Pete! Enjoy that French wine, have a glass or two for me :) Admit it though the French got nothing on us New Yorkers!! LOL

Have fun :)
CC xxoo

1st August 2014, 21:22
hi Pete,

Really glad your enjoying your holiday, here well we have had the sun now the rain, still can't complain, test all the local wines we need extensive reporting on your return , look after yourself.


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