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12th August 2014, 11:55

I have been given a hospital bed with an air mattress. The control for the air mattress is quite noisy, anyone else having a similar problem?


12th August 2014, 12:29
Yes, I had the same problem. I got them to change it for a gel mattress. Pressure sores are the worry but in MND we usually know if we are getting one as it hurts. In MS and the like they can't feel them so the air mattress is more important, apparently.

12th August 2014, 12:45
Hi Michael,
Just wondering if it is an old mattress? Can you adjust the air circulation frequency?
I have one, which isn’t noisy, more of a gentle background noise.
I guess they are different, depending on the brand.

12th August 2014, 15:17
every mattresses here is weary hard so from my experience for everyone who still have normal I advised 10cm memory foam topper even from ebay

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