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12th August 2014, 18:50
Hi all
I am always guilty comming on hear I only write when somthing is needed . never very good at the comfort and kind words and when somthing comes to me another has said it better . all things considered i am doing well reading the forum my problems are small so not much to add . so what do I want . Talking is now crap so i got a skywriter from the speach theripest its not exactley touch typing this one needs a hammer . That voice I know its Hawkins but its awfull grandkids call it sifirobot . now going to spend my pennies on an app and a pad or what ever comes up favorite after your help.
kevin the ex talker

12th August 2014, 19:31
Hi Kevin;

What lightwiter have you got? The newer ones, SL40 are a lot better that the SL35. You could ask your speech girl to try and get one.

An I Pad can have the "Speak it" app for under 5.00 which is quite good or there are many others. "Predictable is probably a bit better but cost about 110.

You don't have to comfort or give kind words to help other with advice and ideas.

Regards Terry

12th August 2014, 19:34
Hi Kevin,
It really don't matter mate, we look forward to all posts ,so just because you don't feel as if your comments matter ,trust me they do, your input is as valued as anyone else, so don't hold back if you need to comment then do so.

As for talking ,yes I understand how you feel ,I lost my speech five years ago, and it is still the one thing I would love get back, I can't remember what I sounded like now, but I think it was a bit Staffordshire/ brummie/ stoke mix with a bit of London just a hint , there are loads of text to speech aps, some are ridiculously expensive some free, some a few quid, just depends what you want to do with it, for me I use speak it, does everything you need it too and voices cost a couple of quid and there not robotic ,just normal speech , I use an iPad ,but certain other tablets do much the same job really, just hope you find the one that suits your needs,and don't be a stranger on here.


12th August 2014, 20:10
Hi lads
thanks for your quick reply . Funney thing about looseing your speach . My wife always said i know what you are going to say read you like a book kevin . that one has gone stright out of the window she has not o clue and some of the sugestions how dose the female brain work. anyway back to it apple mac is the way forward yes or no

12th August 2014, 21:55
Although my speech hasn't gone completely yet I have downloaded an app called ClaroCom. It can be found here
My speech therapist saw me last week and she said the best one was called Predictabl, but it cost 109. I was lucky enough that my local branch of the MNDA paid for it for me. It is really good.


12th August 2014, 23:31
Hi Kevin

Thanks for bringing up this subject it really is an important one for all of us being effected by this illness. I have to say out of big time frustration this communication stuff is driving me bonkers!! I’m might throw a little tantrum here, but I hate, hate, hate, the lack of communicating with my best friend.

My dear friend has been using ‘Speak it’ but now as hand mobility is worsening it’s not working as well. I find she barely uses it anymore. So now instead of joining the conversation she says nothing. She can still speak but no longer understandable, as well as the tone of her voice getting lower. Making it difficult to hear her as well as understand, so she avoids speaking. This is crazy!! How do we communicate now??

Going back to meet with team tomorrow, hoping the speech therapist will have a solution to this problem if apps that require using hands are no longer working.


13th August 2014, 08:53
Hi Kevin You could ask your speech therapist to make a referral to the local MND branch for an iPad and text to speech app. I use 'Speak It.

13th August 2014, 09:15
Hi Kevin. I have bought an iPad and the Predicable speech app, it is a good combination. The voices are more natural and you do not have to sound like Steven Hawkin, who I believe has his "voice" copyrighted.

13th August 2014, 10:15
well thanks all backup buddies Terry its the old one but I am not going there technology is the way forward.The Trafford center have an apple mac shop my sister is booking me in for demo . thanks for the funding tip Marinda will look into that one . I know its no big thing buying this equiptment if I get it wrong its only money but all that help is priceless thanks all

13th August 2014, 10:36
One other thing Kevin;

Other than report back, is that the volume is quite quite on those devices. I tried an external small speaker on Trevor's I Pad and it did not work from the head phone socket. I don't know why but it might be worth trying or getting a blue tooth speaker if you want to get a word in edge ways with then women.

I know exactly where you are coming from when you say, "that one has gone straight out of the window she has not o clue and some of the suggestions how dose the female brain work".

The only thing is they do have so much extra work now that we are not doing everything for them. Ops

Have fun, Terry

13th August 2014, 11:07
+1 for predictable if you can get it from your SALT. The only problem with a lot of the apps is that you have to type out each word. Predictable learns from your input and gives you suggestions. I am at the stage where I can construct sentences with very few presses.

24th August 2014, 06:19
Good morning Kevin, like you speech is becoming difficult for me. Cos I'm surrounded by Salts (wife,daughter & MND team SALT) I am never short of advice. There is a free NHS service called the Augmentative & Alternative Communication Service to which your SALT can refer you to. They can assess your needs now and going forward, they can identify the best hardware and software for you and, I believe, provide it free of charge. Why NHS professionals keep this service "under wraps" I don't know (probably funding issues) but it's there so go for it. If you need contact details PM me. For me the big plus with my laboured speech is that I now think BEFORE I open my mouth !

Keep fighting ! Ian

24th August 2014, 09:48
I have predictable by therapy and it is amazing. I tend to only use it with friends and family who have the patience to wait for me to tap out the words but I am getting quite fast as it now. But out and about I normally have a pen and paper although I have been thinking of investing in a boogieboard (much like a Spirograph!) My speech therapist got me predictable, presuming through NHS. I wouldn't be without it now. My speech has almost disappeared. In fact, I am reaching for communication devices more and more these days. Hope you find something that suits you.

24th August 2014, 17:52
Hello All
quick up date S.A.L.T. has given me an old skywriter they said the app and pad are up to me but they have completed the paperwork for M.N.D.A There is a grant available so see what comes . There was some strange questions on the grant aplication . they wanted to know if i would contribute to the cost and how much if in a lump sum or per week . I just wrote give me the grant i will make up the shortfall i need this kit.
thanks all

8th October 2014, 16:11
thanks for your help every one I took delivery of a new pad and app from M.N.D.A A big thankyou to them and everyone who told me what to do

8th October 2014, 16:53
That's great news Kevin.

13th March 2015, 16:25

I have been trying to develop and make a talking box that would hold about five messages and then could speak them out loud when m tablet or lightwriter was not around. Something small to stick on my wheelchair arm if I'm in the gym or don't want to carry a bigger thing.

I did make something but also followed up some leads and ended up in the blind society.

They ordered me a "Multi Memo" from "Talking Things" about 13 and saves 60 messages and talks for a maximum of six minutes. It is loud enough and is quite easy to scroll through a dozen messages.

You can view the product here:- http://www.talkingproducts.com/educational-resources/multi-memo-education/multi-memo.html

I have asked them a few questions but it's nearly what I wanted but better.


13th March 2015, 17:31
I'm sure that was an electronic game my friend had in the 80s - Simon. I was green with envy.

Seriously it looks very good and an ideal option for some of the regular comments when other equipment is not readily accessible. Not too expensive either.

14th March 2015, 11:36
If the sound is quiet get Blue tooth speaker. Mine is loud enough to wake the dead let alone interrupt the good ladies discussing important things.


MND Connect helpline