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13th August 2014, 00:58
Robin Williams hung himself… ? :( :( I know we don’t know the man behind the comic brilliance, but there is just something soooo heartbreaking in this news…

So hard to comprehend a man who had the ability to light up the world with laughter, was in such a deep, deep dark place he felt the only way out was to just check out?? Even having money to get the very best of care couldn’t save him?

A very sad, sad story…do hope his soul is in a better place, and at peace.


13th August 2014, 10:17
Agree, a great loss.:(

13th August 2014, 10:34
Hi CC,

Couldn't agree more, you sum it up perfectly.

Let's hope he is now in peace and can finally rest x

13th August 2014, 11:56
Quite a few funny people or nice present singers are very depressed and most of the nasty heavy rockers are not. I don't think that's only because of the hard drugs. Perhaps they get out all of there frustrations etc in their lyrics.

It is a shame about Robin as he was so funny.

13th August 2014, 12:02
Hi CC,

Sad news indeed, loved the guy and everything he did , just remarkable talent that could make you go into hysterics or cry in minutes , he faced his demons and chose his way out, sad no help was available when it was so needed ,but what a wonderful legacy.


13th August 2014, 12:55
Yes…I couldn’t agree more with all your comments.

Loved his unique gift that he shared with the world too Pete. Also a great humanitarian. Life really has a sick, twisted, cruel sense of humor doesn’t it? A man who could make the world laugh with happiness couldn’t find it for himself ??

A great loss indeed...


14th August 2014, 06:00
It saddened us all CC and again remind me of the fragility of human kind. Often the bigger the pain the bigger the mask. It is sad that someone who is so loved by so many could also be so lonely. Which brings to mind CC that what we project to the outside world is often, nothing close to our real self. Being a giver, i imagine that he gave what he couldn't experience himself. And we will remember him this way, not how he passed on.

A hug to all the forumites.

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