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17th August 2014, 13:26
A bit of advice from forumites regarding pump feeding. Ed just started the overnight feeding. He has had to start at 30 mls per hour, which made him feel unwell as we realised he was dehydrated as usually he gets 1000 ml of water ovenight.

What is the usual mls per hour that people finish up using, it seems if it is only 50 ml or 75 ml per hour it will take a long time for 1000 most. Ed is just doing 250 most at 50 most just to get used to it.

Your help would be much appreciated as usual.

Love Diane

17th August 2014, 16:30
Hi Diane,
I take it at 125ml/h. So, a litre would take 8 hours, if that’s too short, decrease the rate so nobody has to listen to a beeping machine! I have 5 x 250ml flushes of water during the day.
Hope that Eddy gets sorted soon.
Ellie xx

17th August 2014, 16:35
Thanks Ellie, that just what I was looking for. I was hoping that we could get over the 100 ml per hour. I am sure it will settle down. Love Diane.

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