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28th August 2014, 15:22
Good Morning All

While having my coffee this morning I came across this article. I copied and pasted the first paragraph because it really sums up the turmoil in our world. Have to say it really made me stop and be extremely grateful to live where I live even with all the bad, made me realize it could always be worse! Hope it makes you feel the same as well.

Enjoy your day :)

"If you've been at the beach and missed the latest world news, let me briefly catch you up. Terrorists in Syria and Iraq have been overrunning the countryside, pausing to savagely murder an American journalist. Pakistan is reeling from political crisis. The Russians just made an incursion into Ukraine, the Israelis have been blowing up every other building in Gaza, and Ebola's rampaging through West Africa"

28th August 2014, 16:53
the scary thing is that I think it's true.

28th August 2014, 16:56
Hi CC,
Yes it's a crazy world, I think it would be a far less troubled place if the human beings just went extinct, then perhaps the animals would have their habitat back and elephants could do what they have done for hundreds of years, without the trade in ivory, it's a beautiful place alright ,just us lot doing the level best to destroy it , looking out into space makes you wonder if other planets suffered the same fate at the hands of human beings ,treating those worlds like giant rubbish dumps.


28th August 2014, 17:20
I don't know CC, our nations haven't been much better recently. A militarised police force in Ferguson shooting an unarmed black boy prompting ten days of riots. A 9 year old girl shooting a gun instructor in the head while learning how to fire an UZI. In my birth town 1400 underage girls have been groomed and sexually assualted despite the Police and social services knowing about it.

Just think, if Ferguson had happened in Syria we would have armed the rebels!

Funny old world.

28th August 2014, 20:23
You made me laugh Pete! I think I just might have to agree with you maybe it’s time for us humans to go extinct! Lol The world would be a far better place.

Mother Nature would do her thing, and claim back everything!! The animals will do their thing, and claim back everything!! At least they know how to respect and live in harmony with Mother Nature and all she provides for them. They respect their elders and take care of their young, and only kill out of survival instead of sport. The Native American Indians had the right philosophy all along, but good luck finding one of them in America !! Thousands of years, and we haven’t learned anything, the crazies are still causing chaos.

There is a documentary you would enjoy Pete if you haven’t seen it already called ‘Aftermath; Zero Population’ It is exactly your belief from a scientific point of view of what the world would become if humans simply vanished for good. It was fascinating to watch, I think you can Google and watch it for free on youtube.

Interesting point about our police force Steve. Don’t know if it’s happening in your country but it’s happening here big time. Our police are becoming the military! The military decided to give our local police departments their left over toys, and it’s really going to their heads! (no offense to you police officers, but you know what I’m talking about) Instead of one police car pulling over a car to give a ticket they call for backup and there are now five police cars surrounding the car!! They are using extreme measures on citizens for simple every day offenses ! It really is an outrage that’s not being addressed as it should be. Scary Stuff

A nine year little girl target practicing with a semiautomatic Uzi !! What sick, upside down backwards world is that allowed and accepted ?? Yet it is! What’s just as scary; the results of this tragedy will not change our gun laws!! I said it before, if the massacre of babies sitting in their classroom at the Sandy Hook school have not been able to change gun laws, nothing will.

God bless America, the UK, and the World.

Steve, this guy can explain it way better then me (and funnier)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM0diRFBifA Cached

29th August 2014, 12:17
thats a great vid, watched a few of his and his writers are genuinely funny.

29th August 2014, 13:49
Yes he’s very funny and very political, really comes down hard on the politicians. He has his own show on HBO maybe you get his show in the UK? It’s great because he is uncensored and pretty much can say whatever is on his mind.

He pretty much summed up what’s happening with our local police departments, and what’s frightening is he is not making this stuff up, we are witnessing it with our own eyes.

CC xxoo

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