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1st September 2014, 21:40
Today I attended the funeral of a good friend ,and forum member ,I am so sorry to have to tell you that Robert (Big Bob) suddenly past away , those that knew him will be as shocked as I am, having had contact only last week and arranged to meet up this week, forever upbeat and despite he had progressed to a point where he could no longer do much for himself, as always His good lady wife Pat,, waited on him hand and foot, and as always Bob was ever the optimist convinced that we would all find a treatment that would cure us, sadly not in his case,I for one will be ever grateful in having met him and his family ,equally I am going to miss having him around, wherever he ends up all I know for sure is they will be the better for having a really nice bloke called Big Bob in their midst. R .I. P Robert.


1st September 2014, 21:52
So sorry for your loss Pete, and the loss of a good forum member :(

Wonderful that you had the chance to know him Pete, and maintain your friendship. Hope your happy, and fond memories of him will carry you thru this difficult time.

All my Love
CC xxooxxoo

1st September 2014, 21:53
Pete, I know that you were due to meet in a week, such a shame and a lovely chap.


1st September 2014, 22:02
Terrible news. Big Bob was indeed a gentleman and lit up this forum with his humour and grace.

I will miss him sorely.

R.I.P Robert.

1st September 2014, 23:32
Sorry to hear this Pete. Condolences to his wife and family. He was a valuable contributor on here for quite some time and as with every other death it is so sad to hear of another life cut short.


1st September 2014, 23:42
So sorry to hear this news. We value the friendships we make on this journey and mourn the loss when friends depart.
R.I.P Robert

2nd September 2014, 14:42
So sorry to hear the news about. Big Bob. I always loved his picture with his straw hat on. He will be missed on the forum so much for his humour and as everyone has said ever the gentleman. I am sorry that you have lost such a good friend Pete, it must have been very difficult for you to attend his funeral. Please pass on my condolences to his family. Another member of our forum that has gone but will never be forgotten. Love Diane

2nd September 2014, 15:34
Sad news, thinking of his family at what is a very hard time x

2nd September 2014, 17:43
May he R.I.P. and may God give comfort to his family in this time of need.

2nd September 2014, 20:18
Such sad news, Pete.

2nd September 2014, 21:29
I didn't have the pleasure of meeting the man in any sense, but if Pat or any of his family are reading I send my condolences.

2nd September 2014, 23:31
Pete, I'm so sorry to hear such sad news. Although I didn't know him, I've read some of his posts and he came across as a lovely character. Condolences to you and his family. Becky x

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