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2nd June 2011, 15:23
Hi my Mum was diagnosed in March 2011, she is also a type 1 diabetic. Can anyone give me any advise. She struggles to drink although she has mastered the art of swollowing without choking we can never get her to drink, i think she possible only drinks around a pint of fluid a day. We have tried giving her a straw but she cannot suck. Mum has also lost her appitite is this normal any suggestions to get her eating again.

2nd June 2011, 17:04
You need help from professionals, I think. Your doctor should be able to refer you direct (and quickly, I'd hope) to Feeding and Nutrition specialists in the NHS. Don't delay, one pint a day is dangerously low.

You might also seek advice from MND Connect. The number to ring is 08457 626262 and they run a 24hr service.

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