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5th September 2014, 14:50
Hi everyone… Safely back in the North West after 3 1/2 weeks in lovely France! Everything went swimmingly and overcame the obstacles that I thought I would face.
Now back to the business end (literally)… And the matter in hand! (So to speak). I appreciate that have been previous posts on the above subject, but I was wondering if anyone can advise on the following points?
1) is there any particular make/model that is better than another
2) at present I have a raised seat on my throne. Can Bio Bidets be used in conjunction with a raised seat? if not… Are there any alternatives to getting on and off the throne?
Keep well, take care,

5th September 2014, 17:21
I don't know if I want to help you Pete after a three and a half week holiday in France, jealous.

1) I have had a Bio Bidet 1000 for about four years, it did have one problem after a year and a half but the supplier mended it free of charge. Make sure that it will fit your toilet before you buy and the hole in the seat is a bit smaller than some.

2) If the raised seat is on a frame then it will probably work, but it might leak around the edges. They do make a wheeled toilet/shower chair with a shirt so that it helps stop leaks. Also I doubt that it works quite so well from further away. Another alternative is to raise the loo up on a plinth or buy a high disabled loo the right height.

I hope you've read the other posts as there are special toilets that probably are better with possible extras like seats that raise you up. Speak to the Mnda as they might well help you with the cost of it or might hire a special one for you.

Regards Terry

5th September 2014, 17:31
Pete, i agree with Terry, I have a Bio-Bidet but on a raised toilet pan, much the best and easier option and no leaks.



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