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11th September 2014, 13:49
Still so much brutality, violence, and turmoil in the world today. Sadly on the eve of 9/11 we were informed as a Nation military action will be taken once again. Makes you wonder if peaceful solutions can ever be found, and will we ever be able to eradicate those that bring the evil madness, and chaos to the innocent.

Lots of American flags have been flying everywhere . Always an emotionally difficult day even 13 years later, as another anniversary is marked, and remembered.

God bless those that perished, those injured, those still living with the scars, and those left to carry on. May they all have found peace. God bless those that will go into battle once again against terrorism, and itís ugly evilness.

Will pay my usual respect tonight when go to stare out at the beams of lights rising up in the sky across the river, in our vow to íNever Forgetí.

Peace on earth

11th September 2014, 22:31
Hi CC,
Another year has past, and we are no closer to peace on earth, It's the impossible dream that most sane human beings want but there are and always have been evil and beyond anything we could imagine specimens of so called human beings that really don't qualify as such and will never relate to civilised society, they have only hatred and warped views about life ,nothing we can do to even comprehend what goes on in such a evil mind devoid of anything other than what next atrocity they can commit to gain headlines and yet more followers seeking to belong to such a vile order .
Will be thinking of you tonight We will never forget .

12th September 2014, 00:32
Hi CC,
My thoughts are with all those innocent victims of the warped minds of this world. I cannot comprehend a mind that simply seeks to destroy those born into a different culture who hold different beliefs. How they can believe theirs is the only acceptable philosophy and that anyone not willing to share that philosophy is not entitled to exist is beyond my understanding. Is that intolerance on my part? To see people murdered in cold blood for absolutely no reason , what sort of society do they hope to create and when they have slaughtered the rest of us what next? When they have destroyed all the other civilisations in the world what do they plan to do?
It is a world no sane person would wish to occupy and yet people seemingly flocked to join their cause.
Now it would appear a new war is about to begin. Why?

12th September 2014, 11:56
Cc, that day will never be forgotten. It went beyond our wildest dreams.


12th September 2014, 14:03
Hi Pete, John, Terry

You're all so right. It’s a realm of reality beyond our comprehension. Just terrifying to know their sole purpose in life is to set up camp to plot and plan to slaughter us by any means possible.

Those of us that are not psychopaths will never understand. Can only pray they can be eliminated, seems like an unrealistic task though. Like cockroaches we try to exterminate them, but they are still here, and multiplying.


11th September 2016, 12:55
It 9/11 again, like most of you, I know exactly where I was when I first heard that a plan had hit a tower and the after affects.

It still seams just a film and not real.

Thoughts go out to all of you that were directly affected by those events as so many were/are. Most people were caught up in the drama of it all.

Cc sent me a message saying about it and the risk of Donald Trump getting into power.

I thought that America would have pressed the button and wiped out the countries where the people that carried out the attacks where born and lived. I reckon I might have done that and Trump would do that.

Peace would be so nice, Terry

11th September 2016, 15:02
15 years hard to believe Terry... but when the anniversary comes around it always seems like yesterday.

Regrettably we fought in the wrong direction and all those politicians that made that decision now admit just how wrong they were. Nothing good can ever come out of war.

Obama did it right in my opinion when he did it strategically, tactically, and with as little bloodshed as possible, and struck at those directly responsible.

Americans need to really listen, and open their eyes to the things Trump is saying as well as his behavior, and temperament. They are getting caught up in this tough guy macho man image he tries to project to the world when in reality he is a weak insecure unhinged lunatic, and if he gets into power I really fear he will believe nuclear weapons are his toys to play with.

God bless the US on this day of remembrance, and indeed peace on earth for us all.


11th September 2016, 19:45
I can only echo the words before me. The world is a place I fail to understand, such hatred, such violence and such wickedness. God Bless your country CC and I hope your nation wakes up to the traumas that Trump can bring not just to the US but the rest of the world. Will be thinking of you all. xx

12th September 2016, 00:20
Thinking of you again today CC, 15 years on and like you say it's seems like only yesterday.

Love Dave.. x x

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