View Full Version : Patients doing it for themselves: Radio 4

17th September 2014, 16:12
Just listened to this programme on Radio 4, much of it relates to MND.
Well worth a listen on iplayer.

17th September 2014, 17:36
Me too Ellie, I second that.....the whole programme was interesting and also because of one lovely Professor's view of some of his colleagues.....I think lots of people think along his lines and the programme is indeed well worth a listen

17th September 2014, 20:17
Evening Ellie and Debbie,

Yes it's well worth a listen, But I still think it's an appalling statement on how the most vulnerable are treated in this day and age ,you would expect the Very minimum we would be having many more patient involved in trials and at least trying the many drugs out there that have been developed for other diseases to be at least considered , rather than this a*** covering attitude of most involved not wanting to get involved because of potential litigation, I think we deserve much more than we get at present in my case the fifteen minute chat every six months !.


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