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20th December 2010, 18:27
My dog Alfie seems to spend most the day asleep and hogs the settee! :rolleyes:


20th December 2010, 19:43
it's a dogs life!

Jacqui Priestley
22nd December 2010, 01:42
I keep finding the kids hogging my riser/recliner & powered wheel chair. They love the controls!! Thank God I don't have a dog as well.

Robyn Copley-Hirst
28th March 2011, 14:22
Hi Chris,

I saw a pic of your Alfie (is he a Beagle?) on your website and thought I'd show you my Alfie... they look as if they have a few of the same habits except my Alfie hogs the bed AND the sofa!

This is Alfie's day out at the Humber Bridge Park in Hull:



And after a hard day...hogging the bed...


Maybe it's just Alfie's that are lazy! Well done on your site by the way, it's shaping up well.


28th March 2011, 15:05
Aww what breed is your Alfie? Yes our's is a beagle, a liitle trouble maker lol

Robyn Copley-Hirst
29th March 2011, 09:41
Aww what breed is your Alfie? Yes our's is a beagle, a liitle trouble maker lol

Our Alfie is a West Highland Terrier crossed with a Apricot Poodle - so he's a mongrel really! He's a little trouble maker too, but they brighten every day don't they?

Robyn :)

1st April 2011, 13:04
They do brighten your day, biggest problem i have at the minute is him drinking my tea and coffee when i'm not looking!

Robyn Copley-Hirst
2nd April 2011, 11:21
You don't want to worry about that, Chris... start to worry when they drink your tea and coffee when you ARE looking! :)

28th May 2011, 04:05
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