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24th September 2014, 12:26
I have joined this forum for help, advise and support and of course to support others wherever I can. So here goes. My hubby was actually diagnosed last Friday so things are still all over the place. But, I am trying to be practical. He can walk and move round well at the moment, but my fear is that if he needs a wheelchair or deteriorates suddenly I wont be prepared. We live in our own bungalow, and the only problems I can see at the moment with mobility are the doors in our bungalow are extremely narrow, and also our hall is again very narrow (not wide enough for a wheelchair) therfore he would not be able to get to the bathroom/toilet. So can you advise me, first is it to early for me to be addressing these problems, and if not where is the best place to go for help and advice. We do have a small amount of savings.

Springtime x

24th September 2014, 16:54
Hi Springtime;

It is not to early, most things are better done earlier. Generally Mnd progresses at a steadyish rate so if he walks well now he should be able to for a while.

It is best to sort your corridors etc. out soon as if he falls or needs a walker then he might not be able to get around.

I would ask the council about them as there is sometimes money available but it normally comes with strings attached and is means tested. Best to try to get plans drawn or have your ideas and find a few builders to quote preferably from recommendations from friends.


24th September 2014, 17:04
Hi springtime,

I think you are right to pre-empt your husbands needs. My husband Robert has the slower form of MND , PLS. And just recently we have had a wet room built for him and I gave contacted the MNDA about a special loo. He was still mobile and working up until 3 weeks ago when he had a fall and broke his hip he is home now using a Zimmer frame. Thank god for the wet room. The hospital organised a bed and equipment for the wet room. You are fortunate that you have a bungalow but understand what you mean about room for a wheel chair. We have been thinking about the same thing. Not so much the width of the hall but the room to turn a corner into a room. Got a feeling I will be having a lot of bashed paintwork. Have you a reliable local builder that could give you some advice. Perhaps a call to the MNDA they may have some advice.

I always look ahead hate surprises like to be prepared but probably not really prepared for what is ahead.

There is always loads of help and very good advice on the forum. It's a good place to off load and have a rant and also to have a good laugh.

Love Lyn lilylou

24th September 2014, 18:10
Hi springtime,
You sound like my other half, we have just moved into a bungalow because we gave up waiting for the council/ social mob to grace us withe their presence ,despite them knowing I could not get in the house or get out because of steps front and back , no one has returned hence the move, I would get everything you can started in the various departments ,nothing happens with any haste ,get in touch with mnda they seem to know who to kick to get things moving, as for the wheelchair issue either your bungalow is very old or been altered as you can get powerchair and self propelled that go though most standard doors ,having frames and doors enlarged isn't cheap or easy .


24th September 2014, 18:18
Hi Springtime, Jeans OT arranged for her wet room to be done, but it takes a long time for anything so ask early.

The OT put her in for it in December and it then went to council I think for approval of grant, then to building regs etc. it was finally finished last week. They widened the door and did an access for wheelchair at front of house. Try and stay one step ahead of OT and MND.

OT brought a shower chair round today which wasn't suitable as she is quite tall so now has to have one made which will take 3 MONTHS!! She has been asking for a suitable wheelchair for 6 months which we hope will arrive in two weeks time.

As soon as anything changes try to anticipate what you need and ask, don't be fobbed off.

Alison xx

24th September 2014, 19:06
Thank you everyone for replying to my post. I really do appreciate any info. Pete....Yes our bungalow was built in late 1950's, its also had an extension (added before we moved in) so hence the hall is only 26 inches wide as are the door openings. Which concerns me as I am not sure we would be allowed to build a small extension for a second toilet/shower. I have rang the OP this afternoon and she said they will come and look but unfortunately the wait could be 16 weeks.

Springtime xx

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