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25th September 2014, 04:02
Just started taking Rilizole and have just picked up a prescription for Baclofen for my fasciculations & muscle cramps.

Am I ok to take the two at the same time? I don't want to reduce the effects of either by doing so? I just hate the thought of having to take a pill every few hours as until a few weeks ago I lived a life free of medication!

I've also been told not to take the Riluzole to soon before or after food as it reduced the effectiveness. Anyone heard of that?

Having a nightmare finding a pharmacy that stocks Quinine although have a prescription for it. This was given to me before I got the Baclofen, I believe they both have the same benefit / effect? Can anyone advise which is more effective to calm down fasciulations and muscle cramp without affecting me too much so I am still able to work? Do either affect speech much?

Have been prescribed Baclofen 10mg tablets, half a tablet 3 times a day increasing to one tablet 3 times a day after the 4th day. The Quinine Bisulfate is 300mg .. Half a tablet at night.

Any thoughts or advice?

25th September 2014, 10:08
I take one Riluzole tablet first thing in the morning and then another about an hour after our evening meal. No problems, no side effects. At present that is the only medication I take, like you I feel the fewer drugs I take the better. Even though the Riluzole tablet is small, i was having trouble swallowing it, so now use a spoonful of yogurt, tastes great and it always goes down the first time.

25th September 2014, 10:29
Morning Trevor. In the morning, do you take it before meals or after? I am never quite sure! xx

25th September 2014, 10:58
Good morning.
I come down to make our first cup of tea and take it then, before any drink or food.

25th September 2014, 11:01
Hi jDv;

I take baclofen 4 tablet (max 10no 10mg) Riluzole and very occasionally quinine. I was told to take riluzole 2 hrs after min and 1 hr before food. This is similar to other tablets that shout be taken on an empty stomach. Baclofen is the main tablet to reduce muscle tension. You can drink a glass of tonic as there is about the same amount of quinie in it, gin and ice make it a lot better tasting.

Regards Terry

25th September 2014, 11:30
Gin - that sounds like very good medicine Terry! :)

Night walker
25th September 2014, 15:23
hi Jdv
Hubby takes Riluzole before eating or 1 hour after eating. He has no problems or side effects we can tell.
He is not on other tabs other than the supplement routine that are mainly from Fishmate. He has slight fascilliations but he hardly notices them. He rarely gets cramps although that was the initial symptom a year ago. I know some people on this forum continue to experience cramps and fascilliations that are very distracting.
We have to make sure the Riluzole prescription is in plenty of time as it has to be ordered in as it's a rare and costly item for chemists to hold.

Hope this helps

25th September 2014, 19:58
hi jDv

My husband takes both Baclofen and Riluzole without problems. He takes Baclofen for the spasticity in his legs and has been taking it for about 9 months now. He has been taking Riluzole for about 4 months. The only problem he has is he gets quite tired about an hour after taking the medication but it passes. He is still able to work thanks to the Baclofen.

26th September 2014, 02:20
Thanks all for your advice, much appreciated. The gin & tonic suggestion sounds interesting! =)

26th September 2014, 10:21
people with muscle cramps sometimes find they are low on magnesium.
Alpha Liphoic Acid & R excellent vitamin for oxidative damage correction. check these out on internet.
cheers John

26th September 2014, 12:55
I sometimes wonder about the medication that says to take before or after meals. Ed is PEG fed overnight so how are you meant to deal with medication then. I just still give them at the time that've was used to having them. Diane

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