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27th September 2014, 16:43
Hi ,
Just been reading the invoice from my daughters solicitor for work done on her behalf , what struck me was the incredible charges dreamed up by these people , here's a few examples ,

4. Emails @ 9.50 each
6 letters. @ 8.50 each
The person doing this hard tasks also charges 170.00 per hour.

Then the higher up who replaced my daughters solicitor because she was on holiday

220.00 per hour
2 hrs in court. 595.00
30 mins preparation 110.00
1 hr travel. 110.00
6 minutes dictating. 22.00

The lower sec
Only commanded a mere 95.00 per hour

This was rounded up to a nice sum of 1180.00 plus vat 236.00. Total. 1433.28. Even had the cheek to charge her 3 parking and kept a straight face while handing her this paperwork.

I wonder if anyone else finds these charges just a tad to high ,for what is basically admin and I bet the young lady who typed the email wasn't paid 95 per hour and emails are free the last time sent one, who regrets now not becoming a solicitor , the more I learn these days the more I don't envy youngsters having to use these bandits ,should they ever have the need . I would do the work themselves as nothing apart from sitting in court and saying very little ,will save a fortune.

27th September 2014, 20:32
Not bad money if you can get it Pete;

I hope they were good at their job. My mother in law died just over a year ago and we done much of the work ourselves. The things we had a solicitor for were made a lot more complicated by them asking for things not necessarily needed and by them failing to send and loosing things.

I'm not a great lover of some of them to, Terry

27th September 2014, 20:40
I think your talking about lawyers correct ? not sure because we don't call them solicitors here. If so you'll like this joke Pete :)

It really is criminal ! They should be locked up on charges for their charges!

Just as bad on this side of the pond. My husband had a court case with a bank that was trying to screw him over. My husband had kept all his documentation to prove he was in the right. He contacted serveral laywers to represent him. The fees were astronomical ! He refused to pay that kind of money, and decided to represent himself (not always a smart move) but he took the gamble, filed all the paperwork himself for mere pennies in stamps, appeared in court numerous times costing him nothing and got his case dismissed by the judge! One for the good guys lol

Q: If you are stranded on a desert island with Adolph Hitler, Atilla the Hun, and a lawyer, and you have a gun with only two bullets, what do you do?
A: Shoot the lawyer twice.

CC xxoo

28th September 2014, 10:20
We found the same thing. We had our wills updated and power of attorneys set up for financial and health matters. We were shocked at the bill which came to 1432.

28th September 2014, 10:54
I asked my MND Coordinator for advise on making a will. She told me to contact a firm in Gloucester who did special rates for those with MND. Turned out to be 120 plus VAT; thought that was excessive but maybe not!

28th September 2014, 12:45
Just thinking Pete;

An Email is similar to a post on here. Now the Mnda have this extra money, perhaps they could pay us for the ones we made. That would be 17736.50 for you and 15618.00 for me. Unfortunately we would have to pay tax on it unless we can claim it's a charity.

Sounds reasonable, Terry

That would be a "nice little earner" and quite reasonable as we are not charging for the hours of time!

28th September 2014, 13:26
As a retired member of the professional"elite", an accountant, not a solicitor I would like to speak out in defence of the legal profession.
Businesses change hands for nothing because in reality incomes are fairly modest. I prepared accounts for several firms of solicitors and their earnings per partner were in the region of the national average earnings. The figures you quote have to pay all the expenses of the business. The most significant of these are salaries of staff, contributions to the Law Society's solicitors compensation scheme for the actions of their dishonest or incompetent fellow practitioners, all the office costs etc.
It shouldn't be compared to the hourly rate of employed people who do not have these expenses when earning their money.
Terry good luck with your desired to be paid for your contribution on here!

28th September 2014, 18:26
Hi John and thanks for your support in this matter;

The Mndo have agreed to compensate me but they said there would have to be deductions for such things as insurance, buildings and staff salaries. Also they pay into a liability scheme that will pay for any of their mistakes or for things printed on the forum that might be offensive or wrong.

Unfortunately they reckoned 99% of my posts were utter rubbish and they would not pay for them, (it’s a shame we can’t do the same with solicitors).

This only let 177.36 and a half which we could round up.

So 177.37 then, less tax 20%, 15% for wages of Andrew etc, 15% for the running of web page, 20% towards the running of head quarters, 10% towards insurance and 30% towards their insurance (compensation scheme) that they can lend from and pay in what they want to lessen their tax if required.

Anyway, enough about bitching about solicitors and accountants, I now owe 17.73, sorry must round up 17.74.

Disappointed Terry

PS:- I was only trying to make a honest buck, LOL.

As a member of the “WORKING CLASS”

28th September 2014, 19:03
Hi Terry,

Sounds about what it is worth!(lol)in case of doubt.


28th September 2014, 19:07
Oh Terry your so funny ! LMAO :)


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