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6th June 2011, 11:53
After I had been diagnosed I spent the next two years in a form of depression convinced that i wouldn't survive the emotional trauma without my gabopentin [which was prescribed initially for screaming sciatica]. When it was suggested that I should change to pregabalin I had great difficulty stopping taking the gabopentin. Having seen a TV programme about hypnotism by health care proffessionals I wonder whether this wouldn't be a good way to manage the emotional trauma of the first years after diagnoses

10th June 2011, 13:34
Anxiety hypnotherapy is an effective way of opening up about the worries you hold, and finding the root cause of these worries without the usual inhibitions you might have otherwise. Once you know them, it's much easier to put plans into place to deal with the manifestation of the causes.

Depression is manageable and recovery is highly likely if approached intelligently and by a skilled hypnotherapist.

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