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12th October 2014, 14:24
Last Thursday some people came to assess me and my house for electronic assistance. I was told I would have an iPad mini to operate electrical things around the house including an intercom for the front door and I can open it from the iPad.
The enginer asked me if I had been flagged. I had no idea what he was on about. Apparently if you are disabled and you phone your electricity supplier they will prioritise your house when trying to reconnect after a power cut. My supplier, SWALEC will even provide a generator if they can't connect you within 2 hours.


12th October 2014, 14:29
Thanks for that David;

Who done your electronic stuff.


12th October 2014, 14:34
Our community matron gave us all the details to register for this.

12th October 2014, 14:41
Terry. I can't remember their name. I will try and find out. I will have it all done in few weeks as they have light switches to change, alter the door and write a special program for the iPad just for my house.


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