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12th October 2014, 15:05
Anyone on here use FB. would it of interest to anyone if I set up a group for MND sufferers and carers or any one who want to involved with MND.
Nothinig could ever replace this forum, it's the first place I look at when I get up and the last before I go to bed.
What i thought was it would be nice if people on here wanted to get to know other people on a more personal level. Put faces to names, say a bit about yourself before MND, tell us hobbies, pastimes. Tell us when you are down or tell us when you are up. If you ask any questions you will be directed to this forum where the experts are.
Anyway let me know what yo think.
You can find on FB as David Dawney

12th October 2014, 15:51
Sounds like a go idea David. I have found you on Facebook and have sent a friends request.

12th October 2014, 16:00
Yes, good idea. I have sent you a friends request as well Joycie x

12th October 2014, 18:00
Hi David,
I have also sent you a facebook friend request on facebook......Jane x

Springtime x

12th October 2014, 18:45
There are numerous groups on fb the one I like is weekend wipeout mnd

12th October 2014, 19:26
I looked for any groups about mnd before couldn't find any otherwise i wouldn't have suggested it. weekend wipeout mmd is not really a good name for a group if someone looking up mmd.


12th October 2014, 21:24
I have sent friend request too.
Alison x

12th October 2014, 22:48
Just sent a request too David xx

13th October 2014, 12:02
FB message from me.

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