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6th June 2011, 18:36
does anyone have any contact with any agencies and if so what do they offer?

Z3 Driver
7th June 2011, 22:14
sorry Jen cant help you,
but if you find an agency that will provide me with a good looking young female carer or 2 then i would be very grateful :p :D

8th June 2011, 07:02
I see many wanted carer ads on Gumtree under 'Homecare & Special Care Jobs' maybe you could try posting an ad there?

Below is a typical ad:


SHIFTS: 1 Week On / 1 Week Off.
WAGE: £910* per Week Worked Plus Living Expenses.
EXPERIENCE: Not Necessary But It Is Essential That You Be a Quick Learner.
DRIVING: Confident Driver Essential.

Are you the right person for me? I need to employ a live-in PA (carer) to work alternate shifts of 1 week on / 1 week off.

I'm Mark, 43, married but separated, have a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II. I have full sensation throughout my body, but I cannot walk at all and have very little strength or movement in my arms, hence I use a powered wheelchair and need PAs to help me live independently.

The main parts of the job are:

PERSONAL CARE - all aspects (including intimate), help with getting up, going to bed, showering, washing, dressing, going to the toilet, etc - in a nutshell everything you do for yourself you’ll do for me (with a few additions, omissions and variations I'm sure).

DOMESTIC - cooking, shopping, cleaning, washing, ironing etc.

FACILITATION - going with me to meetings, trips, on holiday etc.

DRIVING - a people carrier sized manual transmission wheelchair accessible vehicle, both locally, further afield and possibly abroad. You need to be an extremely confident and conscientious driver.

Effectively you will be on call for the whole weekly shift, as I generally need somebody to be in close proximity pretty much all the time. However there will be some time off most days and if you live locally you may be able to go home on occasions. I sometimes require assistance at night, although most nights your sleep will be unbroken. You will have your own room with TV, DVD and WiFi connectivity. However you’ll need your own accommodation for the week that you are not working.

PAY - £700 gross per week worked* (this rises to £910 gross per week worked after the satisfactory completion of a 12 week probationary period) + £35 gross expenses (food/sundries)

TAX and NI - Contributions will be deducted and your net wages paid directly into your bank every 4 weeks in arrears

PROBATION - after 12 weeks, if we’re both happy, you will become permanent staff and your salary will increase (see above)

HOLIDAY PAY - 20 days paid holiday per year

- A recent CRB check, ie 3 months or willing to have one undertaken
- No criminal record
- A Full and clean driving licence (manual transmission)
- Age 25+ (for vehicle insurance purposes)
- Extremely confident and safe driver
- An NI number or valid EU work Visa (min 2 year)
- Current bank account
- Honesty and integrity
- Excellent communication skills - speak and understand and fluent English
- Able to work for at least 6 months
- Physically fit - no actual lifting but need strong upper-body and no back problem history
- Flexibility - provide emergency cover for sickness/holiday periods etc
- Open-mindedness - positive attitude toward disabled people and understanding it is your job to adapt to and facilitate my life, not vice versa
- Be sociable and friendly, with a good sense of humour
- Be an animal lover
- Be a non- or very light (and honest) smoker
- Be willing and able to take instruction
- Able to learn things quickly

DESIRED (but not essential) REQUIREMENTS
- First Aid qualification.
- Vegetarian or fish eating vegetarian
- A fan of football, theatre and film
- Ecologically minded

I'm not looking to recruit a friend, however it is obvious that the more we have in common the more likely we’ll get along; important as we’ll be living and working in close proximity. Therefore here is some stuff about me:

- I'm generally a happy and positive person (not always though), ever so slightly sarcastic, yet honest and compassionate (and extremely modest).
- I have a degree in Media Studies.
- TV - Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, QI, good biopic documentaries and on occasions Britain's Got Talent!
- Films - Reservoir Dogs, Cinema Paradiso, A Beautiful Life, the African Queen and Leon amongst many
- Music - Madness, Billy Bragg, 80s stuff, Oasis and Britpop, Flo and the Mac, Mumford and Sons
- Favourite Books - Lord of the Rings, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Kite Runner
- I usually go to sleep at midnight and wake between 7 and 7:30am (hence so will you).
- I regularly see my wife, who is still the main person in my life, going out with her most days.
- I spend far too long on my PC as that is where I run my life from!
- I'm a Norwich City season-ticket holder and you will accompany me to matches.
- I play for a powered wheelchair football team.
- I'm also the membership Secretary for a Local Exchange Trading Scheme.
- I enjoy acting and singing (the latter mainly restricted to the toilet) and I'm intending to do a drag act some time in the future.
- I have 1 dog, a fantastic black Lab who you will take to the park/walk/clean up after every day.

If you are genuinely interested and meet the essential criteria above then you should contact me, by e-mail, telling me about you (attach a CV and photo by all means). Ensure you include any relevant information that you feel would be beneficial for me to know and which may strengthen your application.

Essential information to be included:
- do you meet the requirements?
- when are you available to start work?
- your contact details.

I will contact you by phone if I feel you are suitable, for an informal chat, and if that goes ok we will then have a more formal interview.

If successful and should you accept, I will require 2 references (1 professional and 1 character) as well as the CRB check.

Thank you and I await your first contact.

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