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14th October 2014, 18:51
Chatting to MND connect today about buying secondhand equipment and they pointed me to these forums,I have looked and not found a For Sale or no longer required area.
Here we go, and apologise if I am foruming out of turn😨
Looking for two exterior wheelchair ramps, one which has a platform and then ramp for 12" step turn to the right when viewed from outside.
One straight about 8' long ,we found an instant cure for constipation when we dragged him up a scaffold board and homemade ramp.
A two step unit so he can get into our house when he visits,to raise again about 12"
I know these items can be obtained on various auction sites but would prefer to buy through here.
If you can help or point me in the right direction would be grateful.
We live in Surrey/london Area.😄

14th October 2014, 20:28
Hi again Pebbles;

You are not asking out of turn, it's what the forum's for.

There has been equipment for sale and gifted on here. I have only seen one set of ramps ages ago. We got a temporary suitcase type ramp from our OT and then an inside 3 inch high one made and paid for as it came under 1000.
You can search on this site longer than 3 letter words so you could put "ramp, ramps, sale" in and find loads of threads but I doubt that you will find what you want here.

Sorry for being negative, Terry

14th October 2014, 21:04
We bought ramps from Portaramp, they are based near us so we were able to collect direct. They are very light but strong and we have 3 of different lengths used both inside and out. They are very helpful people. Look at their website, www.portaramp.co.uk Then I find there is a ramp supplier in Godalming, nearer you. Google is a wonderful tool.

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