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7th June 2011, 23:27
As some of you know, I spent the last 27 years working at Hinkley point power station, until I retired this March. Every year we hold our fun run, which is 10 K ish run from the power station to a pub in a village nearby.

This year due to mean retiring, the proceeds will be going to the MNDA, via my jaded John Charity appeal.

If you look at my website you see a couple of pictures on their.

I was asked us set the race off, which I did with my five-year-old son, both wearing MNDA T-shirts.

It will be interesting to see much monies is raised, the video below is of the warmup and myself and my son setting the race off.


Robyn Copley-Hirst
8th June 2011, 14:19
Thanks for taking the time to upload that, John. Looked like a fun day.

2nd September 2011, 17:12
Just had all the money collected in now, we raised 5541 so pretty good

Have a look on my website for photos etc

Here's a link to a video I produced of all the photos were taken



3rd September 2011, 14:43
That is a fantastic amount John! congratulations!


3rd September 2011, 15:21
Well done John, that`s brilliant!

3rd September 2011, 17:21
Thanks guys

My next event is a Christmas party on dec9th for around 200. People were selling tickets at 12.50 each so should make a few quid hopefully

Keep an eye on my site here as more details become available



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