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16th October 2014, 17:19
Can anybody tell me their experience of having a Closomat installed? Is it a big job?

I live in a 2nd floor apartment and am somewhat anxious about the possibility of anything going wrong.

Also wondering how comfortable it is to use?

Anyone's comments would be most appreciated.

16th October 2014, 19:33
Hi Explorer,
Sorry I can't help in first hand knowledge of this kit, we looked at both the bio bidet and the closeomat apart from the cost ,we decided not to change the existing loo ,so went for the bidet, that was fitted onto the existing pan without any grief and it works fine ,all done in under two hours, though I suspect the closeomat being substantially bigger and offering more facilities would involve a lot more work, maybe a call to connect ,they would know the best place to seek advice, if no one comes forward. Hope all goes well .


16th October 2014, 20:56
Thanks for your answer Pete. My OT was saying that if you tend to 'drop' onto the seat as I do.. the bio bidet can get damaged. I don't have the strength in my lower back to sit down gently, so unfortunately may have to go for the much more expensive Closomat!

16th October 2014, 21:14
Hi Explorer;

I too have a Bio Bidet 1000, it's a couple of inches higher than standard but did look at a closomat. There is another make out there as well. We did not have a suitable outlet for the closamat so it's worth check the spec out first.

I think you will only need a power and cold water supply. I think that they are slightly better than the seats and are very reliable as are the seats.

It's worth speaking to the Mnda as they may well help towards the cost of them.

Regards Terry

16th October 2014, 21:42
We had a closomat installed. A rep from the company came to have a look at the location. We had a new wet room created and the OT came and offered advice so the work was done with future installation in mind. Basically you need a waste outlet ,cold water supply and a suitable electric socket. The work was scheduled for one morning and I would say took less than 3 hours to remove the existing loo and install the closomat. I should say we had about 15 months use of it and it worked faultlessly.


17th October 2014, 09:55
Hi Terry and John, Thank you both for your helpful answers. At least I now understand a little more about what is involved in having either of them installed.
Hope you both have a good day. Best wishes, Gwen

19th October 2014, 03:20
i can't find the price of the closomat?

19th October 2014, 06:46
Independent4life came up when I google "closomat toilet prices". 2450.99. That excludes VAT but you should not have that to pay. There were also companies selling second hand and you may also find on e bay.

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