View Full Version : The best advice is to listen to other sufferers.

18th October 2014, 17:44
We were invited this afternoon to visit a lovely lady who has MND, a member of this forum. She and her husband showed us their lift, powered wheelchair, ramps and other aids they have used to modify their house. Much more useful than the advice we have had from the professionals. One thing you must do is forget health & safety advice, if you don't you will never do anything. We learnt so much, thank you Pat.:)

18th October 2014, 18:38
Please don't forget Heath & safety advice but don't treat it as gospel. my ram does not meet any of the advisory/mandatory guide lines, I have had it for nearly four years and I would not change it in any way.

Try to do what makes sense and works for your situation, so often the professionals tell you something that won't work or take away useful pieces of equipment because they can see danger without replacing it with something that will work leaving you stuck.

Is this a rant, calm down Terry

See you tomorrow Trevor & Nettie

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