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20th October 2014, 12:21
We have just collected our JIC (Just in case kit) from our GP, medications to go in it will be ready this afternoon. Very impressed - thank you MNDA.:)

20th October 2014, 18:41
We have the medication, the problem is the box is not big enough to hold them. Great idea, very good advice, but a larger box is needed please.

20th October 2014, 19:08
I need one of these! Must add to my list of things to sort out.

Alison x

20th October 2014, 19:30
We waited so long for it due to poor dr s communication in the end the meds ended up in an amazon cardboard box!job done.love as always.caroline x

20th October 2014, 21:52
What happened with us was our specialist nurse contacted our GP saying could she supply a JIC kit? The GP contacted the MNDA who supplied the box and instructions and today we went to see the GP who gave us the box and prescriptions for the medication to go in it. The next step is for the nurse to come and explain to us how and when everything is used. This is very good support from everyone concerned.

20th October 2014, 22:48
can i ask what a JIC kit is,
sorry to be dumb.

21st October 2014, 10:28
Just in case kit. The box has two compartments, one for the carer and one for a doctor or nurse. The carers box contains medication you can give to help with choking and distress. The other one has medications which can only be administrated by a doctor, mostly by injection. The idea is if a doctor is called out he may not have the correct medication with him, especially in the case of a out of hours doctor. The box also contains instructions about how and when to administer the medication, a nurse has to go through this with you. It's a great idea and well worth having, the only problem is the box is not big enough.

Claire McArthur
21st October 2014, 12:41
Thanks for your comments about the Just in Case Kit. We in the process of reviewing this resource and gathering as much information as possible about how the Just in Case Kit can be improved. We’ve had a number of comments now that the box isn’t big enough, so this is definitely something we’re looking to change. If you have any other feedback we’d be really keen to hear from you. Can you please contact beverley.goodman@mndassociation.org Thanks Claire

21st October 2014, 14:50
Will do Claire, thanks.

13th March 2015, 17:04

The "Just in Case" leaflet is up for review so if you think it could be done better or have less or more info on it please help by posting here.

It's again something that I know little about.

Regards Terry

PS:- Trevor, I have your point about the box size.

14th March 2015, 12:24
Have never opened mine so not sure what is inside. Hope it's not chocolate


Nettie B
14th March 2015, 19:56
Go on! You wish it was really, don't you! Take a peep and share it with your lovely wife if it is! xx

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