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22nd October 2014, 01:42
Hi guys,

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of going on a cruise that has carers? Does such a thing even exist? My husband and I would love to go on holiday with our 1-year old, but he is unable to do anything for himself now so I would need extra help in order to do this (especially as we have been blessed and are expecting another baby!) Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Lou x

22nd October 2014, 12:20
Hi Lou;

No experience but possible. You would need one or two reliable carers or family/friends as it would need to be booked up a longish way before hand to get a disabled room.

It would be handy, if you need to take a lot of equipment to sail from and back to an UK port.

Go for it, Terry

22nd October 2014, 13:00
Hi Lou: I'm not into cruises myself, but possibly Saga can help?


If not a link within their web site called ' Cruising with other cruise lines' gives four more companies.

If you pay her passage my wife may drop everything to help :-)

Best of luck.


22nd October 2014, 16:45
Thanks terry - I was really hoping for somewhere that already has carers so we could go on our own, but I don't think such a thing exists.
I'm not sure Saga would help Jock as we're only 29 and 33! Thank you for the suggestions though!

Best wishes, Lou

22nd October 2014, 16:56
Hi Lou;

Maybe saga won't be any good then. There are quite a few places that have carers included in the holiday but I doubt if any are on a ship.

They all quite expensive. It's worth asking Mnda connect if they have any advice.


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