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22nd October 2014, 12:46
Help!! We have had two plumbers and two OTs in this week examining our small bathroom for conversion to a wet room. I wanted a screen (to look good!!) One plumber says yes, the OTs say no, not enough room, have a shower curtain and the other plumber says don't have a screen or a curtain, just do without. I wanted pretty tiles. One plumber says no, have Brantine Marble Shower Panels, the OTs say it is all good, whatever you have, the other plumber says don't have panels, have tiles. He says have large white tiles. Peter says they would look good. I think it would look like a Gents urinal. I know some of you have got wet rooms. Please I need some advice.

22nd October 2014, 13:04
How do you know what the "Gents Loos " look like??

Don't think it makes much difference what you have on the walls as long as it's water poof. Handy if the floors are very none slip and very nice to have under floor heating there. We have curtains but make sure they move out of the way. We have two curtains so the room does not get so wet when the carer is spraying me. Another lady has low screens so that the carer can stand behind keeping dry legs and feet.

We put quite a big slop to the drain in the shower area, great for drainage but this is not so easy if in a wheeled chair. Handy to have a shower control with two controls, one for on/off and flow and one for the temperature control.

Not easy, Terry

22nd October 2014, 13:26
Thanks, Terry. I do know about gents urinals because I got escorted out of the Gents at Sheffield station by a very embarrassed gentleman this very week! And, some years ago, I was in Sheffield as defence character witness. I walked right through the Gents past the urinals (didn't see them at all!) to a cubicle. When I came out, I saw this tall man with a barristers wig on. He was washing his hands. I apologised profusely. He said "Well, I hope you are not in my court today, Madam!" When I was eventually called into court, I was in such a flap, I tried to get in the journalists box, then was directed to the witness box, put my handbag down and promptly fell over it. The judge looked down and said "Are you OK, Madam?" I said I was. Then I looked over the court and saw this self same barrister looking at me! He put his head in his hands and said "Oh God!" So, yes, I do know about gents urinals, Terry! Joycie x

22nd October 2014, 13:48
Hi Joycie,
As always Terry's advice is spot on, it is really sensible to have a curtain ,as a glass screen looks nicer but practical it isn't ,our wetroom is also small but the flooring is some expensive vinyl like substance that has all the seams welded ,and it has small like bumps over its surface and I defy even you to fall or slip in it !!!, the curtain is drawn and you have no splashes other than in the confines of the curtain ,like ?Our Terry said having two levers on the shower is really a must, the walls you have anything you like .

22nd October 2014, 14:36
Great story Joicie, one of those embarrassing moments.

Just a word on sex discrimination, If the roles were reversed and I was in the woman's loo would i have got away so easy.

Male shovenist pig, Terry

22nd October 2014, 14:43
not if you look as good as Trevorb says you do! joycie

22nd October 2014, 15:34
Just to really confuse you!
I have a half height shower screen and a curtain! The screen folds right back to the wall when not in use.
I have non-slip floor tiles and my own choice of wall tiles. As well as having a dual control shower, make sure that the shower head is height adjustable, as, if you have to sit on a chair, it’s better if the shower head is lower .
Ellie x

22nd October 2014, 16:23
Oh Joycie! your story regarding the Court gave me a much needed laugh! I have wonderful pictures in my head right now

22nd October 2014, 16:52
Jan, I am gradually typing out loads of funny stories for my children to keep and remember me by. That is one of them. I think I have about 80 in total I am afraid that I am one of those people who "things" keep happening to - really funny stories! Have spent most of my life causing mischief and mayhem - and laughing a lot! joycie xx

22nd October 2014, 22:13
Hi am just starting to get wet room done in my Dad small bathroom,using Altro Aquarius flooring and their wall panels with a Triton double head shower mixer,screwfix tall toilet.
Luckily my son is a builder and guy across road does wet room floors and walls. Going to avoid Gents Urinal look by doing it in green ,hope it's not like a garden.
Have bee advised best to use weighted curtain for carers access and two head shower for soaking and rinsing, I did check that the flooring was suitable for a wheelchair and point contact as he will be having one of those toilet raisers on 4 legs if toilet still not tall enough.
The choice of wall covering is up to personal choice,I have gone for the vynl sheet as it has fewer joints and possibly easier to clean.
Good luck whatever your selection and thanks for the story,my Dad has loads he keeps telling everyone we meet,and they still make me laugh or cry.

22nd October 2014, 23:14
This might sound very American, but what is the difference between a wet room and a bathroom ??


22nd October 2014, 23:18
Hi cc

It's basically a shower without a shower tray. The whole floor is covered in a special waterproof flooring and drainage for shower is in the floor so no steps or anything so you can be wheeled in a shower chair etc


22nd October 2014, 23:35
Thank you Alison. Sounds like easy access, not sure if we have those here ? My friend has a huge shower with a built in seat but she can't be wheeled into it. It sounds like it would be a lot easier if she could.


22nd October 2014, 23:47
Hi just a word of encouragement we were advised not to proceed with turning a small downstairs cloakroom into a wet room but went ahead anyway...it's one of the small pleasures that Paul has - we have a mtr sqr wheelchair accessible wet room shower tray & can easily shower without any problem, try wet rooms on line they were great & from experience well worth the conversion.

23rd October 2014, 12:08
Not sure what a double head shower is?? I love my wetroom with the large tiles which I chose. Carers wheel me in, there's a shower curtain to protect them from soaking each other!! They wear blue plastic ."bootees" to keep their shoes dry. It is so much easier than when I struggled to get myself in and out of the bath which left me exhausted.

23rd October 2014, 12:57
Hi Miranda,
I think the double headed shower is one fixed head over head and another on a flexible hose, that's able to switch between either head, a must really ,ours is a boon ,trust me it's much safer than trying to stand up ,and the wife uses it for washing her hair, so got her approval and most heads have switchable spray patterns.


23rd October 2014, 17:26
Even more confused now! One firm who deals with disabled adaptations has come in, wants to put wall panels on instead of tiles, and is quoting 7100 including the fitting of a bio bidet. The other reputable local firm, who made an appointment on Tuesday and didn't turn up (didn't pass the message on!) and were 90 minutes late for yesterdays appointment (and the representative didn't know what a bio bidet was) have quoted 4,550. That is a huge difference, but if we cant rely on their reps to turn up on time, what hope for the plumbers? If we had a cheaper quote, we could have more expensive bathroom fittings and tiling. It is causing a squall here because I cant decide which one to go for! 4.550 just sounds so much cheaper than the price I had in my head! Answers, anyone?

23rd October 2014, 18:11
Can you get a third quote???

4,550 does not sound too cheep a lot depends on the amount of work and did that include all materials. You can ask for references, people that have had work done by them. You can also ask for a time scale and maybe compensation if it's not done to your satisfaction in that time as you can not be without it for a long time. You can ask about what tiles and fittings you would be getting and possibly upgrading them.

Don't be to worried that they have never heard of a Bio Bidet, it just need a power supply and a loo base of a curtain size. It will cost extra to have it fitted but not heaps.

If you can speak to them and see if you are still worried a lot. You have nothing to lose by asking, they might have the foreman who will be running the job to talk to.

It's always hard unless you know them, Terry

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