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25th October 2014, 23:46
Hi all,

Just a little something I want to share that may help others as it has helped me.
For over 18 months I was suffering daily from horrendous sneezing, runny nose, feeling congested, sniffing and constantly blowing my nose. I was blowing it that much that I was thinking I might as well buy shares in Kleenex!

My other half is always full of bright ideas and on a trip to our local charity shop spotted an air purifier and ioniser for 4. Nothing lost nothing gained I thought, within 24 hours of having it on I noticed a marked improvement. Two weeks down the line I hardly ever sneeze. Don't wake up feeling bunged up and spend hours blowing my nose.

It may be worth a try if any of you are having a similar problem

Karen xx

26th October 2014, 11:38
It is quite common for us to have blocked noses at night Karen;

I do sneeze a few times a day with a subsequent runny nose for a short while.

I might try one, Terry

26th October 2014, 14:00
My nose is often blocked at night and if I breathe through my mouth I making a horrible rattle sound. It is the build up of saliva in my mouth and it thickens in my nose making it block. My GP recently prescribed a steroid nose spray which I use night and morning and that seems to help. I must admit I do not look forward to going to bed as my sleep is so restless. No actual breathing problems, no headaches when I wake up, but just so blocked.

26th October 2014, 18:48
Treelover recons that taping the mouth up works as it then forces you to use your nose and keeps it clear. Leave a bit of tape open so you can take it off.

26th October 2014, 19:40
Yes Terry, I use micropore tape, it works a treat. My mouth stays moist all night. Mind you I don't have excess saliva just weak jaw muscles letting my mouth drop open. I am able to put it on and take it off by myself which is important. It stops snoring too. It probably wouldn't work on that hairy face you are showing us now though!

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