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26th October 2014, 09:22
Hi all,

I hope this message finds you well. I am doing good under the circumstances and read the forum often :D

I am fund-raising for All terrain wheelchair. Unfortunately the NHS do not supply active chairs, however they did supply my all singing all dancing pavement chair with financial help from the MNDA which I truly appreciated. Please donate if you can afford and please share on your facebook wall and twitter. Many thanks xx http://www.gofundme.com/g51ifs

26th October 2014, 12:19
Hi Jeannie,

Great to hear from you! :)

I escaped from hospital on the 7th August. I still have to fight my social services. They keep trying to bang me into a residential home against my will. I have a perfectly adequate home that I own myself. Steve Bell from our MNDA has been supporting me well. He has an idea what I'm up against. The Ombudsman is showing an interest in my case, so I expect there will be more fireworks.

Thanks for your help while I was in Salford Royal. I now have no difficulty in imagining what goes on in our institutions, truly frightening places.

Good luck with your appeal, now off to donate to it.

Graham xx

Night walker
26th October 2014, 12:24
Good luck Jeannie, I have funded and facebook your link. Alas I do not have 11000 friends but it's a start.

26th October 2014, 16:43
Hi Graham and Night walker, firstly a huge thank you for your kind generosity and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated. :o

Graham, I am truly sorry to hear your saga continues grrr you're aware the local authority (LA) cannot force you to live in a residential home - this option amounts to a violation of your right to private life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights as informed by the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons. It might be worth bringing this to their (LA) attention, I'd so love to see their reaction upon reading it ;)

26th October 2014, 17:21
Hi Jeannie

There is the Als Guardian Angel foundation. Their purpose is to help those with this illness in obtaining equipment and other needs that can not be met do to financial or other reasons.

It might be worth reaching out to them, they are based in the US but they might also assist those in need out of this country as well. You can just Google the site.

CC xoxo

26th October 2014, 18:53
Great to hear from you again Jeannie;

Good luck with your fund raising and it would be a very nice thing to have.

Regards Terry

27th October 2014, 13:16
Thanks CC I've emailed Stu.

Thanks Terry, I'm feeling the love :)

27th October 2014, 14:01
YAY! So glad you did Jeannie.

I read articles and saw an interview about him and his organization he sounds like a man who gets the job done, and has no time or patience for nonsense when it comes to those suffering with this illness, he sincerely has their best interest at heart. I also read he gets letters from everywhere on the globe so I'm hoping he can lend you a hand.

keep us posted
CC xxoo

1st November 2014, 09:53
Please donate if you can afford and SHARE on your fb wall and twitter. Secure website accepts worldwide donations, Many thanks xx http://www.gofundme.com/g51ifs

26th November 2014, 20:32
Hi Jeannie,

Pleased to hear that you have your new all terrain wheelchair. Please can you post a picture.

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