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28th October 2014, 21:35
Our old conservatory has been knocked to be replaced by a bedroom for me. We have decided to replace most of the old ( very old) carpet downstairs. We have been advised that it's best for my new power wheelchair to have hard flooring throughout rather than carpet. Can anyone advise?

28th October 2014, 21:52
WE still have carpets and they have been fine so far. Hard flooring is so much easier to clean and if your wheelchair is used outside it can bring things in. Also you will probably have more people come in your house and walk from the shower room into the rest of house and some people are not careful.

Hard floors are also easier to push any shower chairs and lifters from room to room especially if someone's in them.


28th October 2014, 22:12
My powerchair caused ripples in the carpet in our bedroom. The fitters took it up and used a sticky underlay to refit it. I think hard flooring may make a lot of sense if you are having to start from scratch. Terry is right about cleaning too.

28th October 2014, 23:42
we found when turning my chair on carpet that the wheels would pull and try to take the carpet or the rug with it. the rug has since been disposed of, which upsets me as it brought the room together! you can blame 60 minute makeover for that comment, bloomin daytime tv!
if it where me though i'd go for a hard floor.

29th October 2014, 09:21
Hi Chris,

You can buy rubber underlay to suit wheelchairs, it's more expensive but worth it. I have it in my lounge and the carpet remains flat doesnt ripple when i ride on it. In my hallway i have laminate flooring with a large rubber backed heavy duty mat which i spin around on to clean wheels after being outdoors. If you decide to have rubber underlay buy it online its far cheaper, even regular underlay is cheaper by half the cost then in stores.

You want to bare in mind that you might need a hoist in the future, but if you're like me you'll cross that bridge when the time comes


29th October 2014, 10:44
We have hard flooring. The carers say it is much better than carpet for the hoist.

29th October 2014, 17:04
Thanks for sharing your experiences. Do laminates get damaged easily? Presumably you get what you pay for?

29th October 2014, 17:32
Don't know much about them but they seem to be good. I think that you can get different grades and thickness of the vernier.

29th October 2014, 20:22
Hi Miranda,
It's not the cost of the laminate so much, what we found was it really needs a firm base underneath ,to support the weight of the chair, it goes without saying the more expensive you go for don't always equate to better quality,and the fitting matters as poorly fitted laminate won't last long ,we have a mixture of both carpets and laminate ,not much to choose both work well if you don't do donuts or drop the clutch antics ,should be fine whatever you decide.

30th October 2014, 12:18
Hi Miranda
Just had new wooden floor, bamboo, fantastic, but check your house for pandas.

Wise owl
17th November 2014, 13:24
Hi Miranda.
Yes the best long term solution is a hard flooring product. Go to a good reliable retailer, who will give you good advice on products available. Also the sub-floor preparation needs to be done professionally too.
Hope you get it sorted Miranda.

17th November 2014, 23:44
Hi miranda we had laminate flooring in both rooms and soon took out the rugs.much easier and also for cleaning as well.love as always.caroline xxx ps lovely news on a personal front.my youngest daughters boyfriend proposed on friday and she said yes!!!so eldest daughter is having a baby in feb which makes this year more bearable after losing rob last year.hope you are keeping well.love as always.caroline xxx

18th November 2014, 13:05
Thanks for the latest responses - we're looking at hard floor samples on Friday. Great news Caroline! Pleased that you have family events to look forward to.

24th November 2014, 17:17
Update - have chosen hard block wood effect flooring . Have to wait several weeks for the new extension floor screed to dry out before it can be laid so will be sleeping in the lounge for a while yet.

24th November 2014, 17:27
My wife bought 2 "runners" which are a rubber backed carpet approx 2 ' wide by 6' long. They sit in our utility room so I drive my power chair over them to clean the tyres before entering the house. Hard floors throughout mopped once a week works well for us. The runners were from home base or B & M costing about 10 each.

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