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29th October 2014, 10:16
For those peg users who are unaware of the 'button', instead of having unsightly tube bundled under your clothes you can have a small neat button as pictured below fitted ;)


29th October 2014, 11:00
Is that available everywhere Jennie? I am due to have aPEG next month.

29th October 2014, 11:42
It should be Trevor, speak to your dr prior.

29th October 2014, 11:46
A normal PEG tube has to be fitted initially, but once the PEG site is established after a couple of months, it can be replaced with a button style PEG. Mine was done as a matter of course, I didn’t have to ask for it.
They need to be replaced every so often, I get about 9 months out of one, but it is a simple procedure which is done by my husband at home.
There are connection tubes for feeding.

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