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2nd November 2014, 08:56
The following is a question devised by a forum member in America. He is trying to create a protocol to address all the issues in mnd(als or Lou Gehrig's disease in the USA). To do this he is asking people to fill in this so he has as much information as possible. He hopes to release his protocol to all who participate before the end of this year. If you are interested could you fill in the questionnaire and e mail your answers to him. If you are considering following his protocol then do take medical advice before you do.
Posted: Friday, October 31, 2014 9:53:44 PM
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Hello Everyone,

Happy Halloween!

I have a really big favor to ask of you. Would please (as soon as possible) answer the following questions so I may get my protocol out to you all just as soon as possible?

You may copy the questions below, then paste them to a PM or email to me, (along with, of course, your answers following the questions).

Please be as detailed and accurate as possible. It is crucial in understanding my theory of ALS and my protocol which I have been working on for over a year now.

I need enough responses to confirm what I feel is going on before I will release it. So please, take the time to PM or email ME ONLY (do not reply in the forum) your detailed answers after questions below (my email; jchexpress @ sbcglobal.net)

Your answers (not that they contain any "too personal" questions anyway), will NOT be shared with ANYONE. They will only be used for research.

So, again, please be as detailed as possible when answering the questions.

Thank you;

1. How old were you when you received your ALS diagnosis?

2. Would you consider yourself a slow, average or fast progressing PALS?

3. Sporadic or Familial form or ALS?

4. What was your main occupation before diagnosis and was it mildly, moderately or highly stressful?

5. Was there a major stressful event anytime in the year before you were diagnosed with ALS?

6. Did you play sports while growing up and/or into adulthood? If so, what sports did you play?

7. Have you experienced any head injuries/concussions in your lifetime and if so, how many?

8. Have been clinically diagnosed with OCD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia? Please list all that apply AND whether each was mild, moderate or severe.

9. BEFORE diagnosis, were you a smoker, drinker and/or drug user and if so, which ones and how much per day - please be honest - I myself suffer/suffered from anxiety, depression plus drug abuse in my early and later years.

10. BEFORE diagnosis, please list your top 5 favorite grocery store foods to eat (exclude fast foods and restaurant foods - but do include sweets if applicable). Think very hardly about this one as it is important to confirm a trend I am seeing with a particular food over the last year or so while researching and putting together my protocol.

11. BEFORE being diagnosed, how often did you eat fast food/restaurant food during a typical week?

12. Please think hard and list ALL your medical problems you were diagnosed with BEFORE your ALS diagnosis.

13. List ALL medications you were on BEFORE your ALS diagnosis?

14. Did you have a pet BEFORE your ALS diagnosis and if so what type, dog and/or cat?

15. Have you had any of the following BEFORE your ALS dx?
- shingles
- mono
- allergies
- gastrointestinal problems (please expand if you have suffered any gastro issues)

16. What's State did you live in growing up and at the time of diagnosis?

17. BEFORE your ALS diagnosis, were you normal weight, overweight or obese?

18. Were you married and did you have any children at the time of your ALS diagnosis?

19. Men, have you ever been diagnosed with low testosterone?

20. Were you an only child or do you have brother(s) and sister(s)?

21. Did you grow up in a home in which your mother and/or father smoked?

22. At the time of diagnosis, did you live in an apartment, condo, duplex or house? How old was the property (fairly new, average age, old age)?

23. BEFORE diagnosis, did you exercise and if so what did you do and for how long per day?

24. BEFORE diagnosis, did you have a lot of friends and family in your life, an average amount or hardly any at all?

25. Have you ever served in the military and if so, for how long?

26. Have you been around pesticides and chemicals much BEFORE diagnosis (ie... sprayed your own lawn, on the job, etc.)?

27. BEFORE diagnosis, had you ever been treated by a chiropractor for a length of time?

28. BEFORE diagnosis, what supplements (if any) did you take?

29. Please list your ALS regimen or all the supplements you are on as of today (including dosages per day).

30. Please list what your diet consists of now.

Thank you for taking the time to copy the above questions, paste them into a private message or email to ME (Jason) ONLY, then answering after each question.

The data received from the above will be invaluable to not only support my theory and confirm my thoughts on my protocol, it will also be an excellent way to try and put pieces of this damn ALS puzzle together.

PLEASE take the time to respond. It is in your own best interest.

Thanks for your time,


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