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4th November 2014, 01:31
Free as well, enjoy,

4th November 2014, 15:45
Ray, What about a tour around Carnoustie?
Hugs Spring x

5th November 2014, 02:02
Hello Spring,

A quick tour is all you need to see Carnoustie, there's a High St, and nothing else,
you can go for miles over many golf courses, or along the beach, but not sunbathing in Nov,..or summer,
it's situated in the wrong place,..it's on the North Sea, freeeeezing most of the year,

When the Open is here, there's a bit of excitement, detours,Etc, ..you might see the odd star/celebrity
but if you're into talent-spotting, wrong year/time of year,
there's only one talent in Carnoustie,...and extreme modesty forbids me to tell you where it's at,
our mutual friend from across the pond, would likely advise you to stay where you are,
i never once, have gone into folks profiles,..so don't know if you're "hot"

But i must confess while i'm here,...i'm terrified of women,
i've had an unlucky life,..i was raped by a married woman when i was 17,,.bad luck, eh?
and throughout my whole life, all women have just sexually abused me,..i couldn't fight them,
i went to the Police many times, but they wouldn't believe me,
so i'm glad i'm amongst friends,..who will believe me now
despite you grinning,...i know you'll believe me,

E O xx

5th November 2014, 10:46
Well Ray that was a very enlightening trip you took us on around Carnoustie. As my best friend came from Carnoustie I will have to ask her what the "Talent in Carnoustie" is.
No not hot at all Ray.....we are from Chester so middle of the country almost.
As for these Women, you have to be careful there a bad lot and always on the lookout for a man in a kilt.
Anyway you have made me "titter".
Stay Safe Spring xc

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