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4th November 2014, 22:10
Hi, this is my first post on the forum.

I am an employer, and have just employed a person who was diagnosed with MND earlier this year. The job is mainly computer based and I am looking for equipment that would help her to operate her computer, given that she has atrophy in her right hand and she is right handed. For starters I'm looking for a an easy to operate key board (preferably one with the number keys on the left hand side) and an easy to manoeuvre and click mouse. Does anyone know where we can get specialist advice on this kind of thing?

I've looked at the Access to work https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work/overview pages on the gov.uk website, but it mainly seems concerned with getting grants to fund adaptations (which is of secondary importance) and little advice on what adaptations to make.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

4th November 2014, 22:29
Firstly I would like to welcome you Naxos, it is good to see an employer looking at being proactive. You can get number keyboard with a USB connection that will plug in and probably work on either side from Ebay for very little money, put in " computer number keyboard".

You can get "left handed keyboard" again just put it in search on ebay, make sure that it is right for your system.

On the mouse front there are many different ones, some have a ball on top or even a joy stick to control the pointer.

"Ability Net" might have a lot more advice as they specialize in that.

Let us know how you get on, Regards Terry

4th November 2014, 22:51
Hi Terry, and thank you for the welcome :). I've had a look at the ability net website you directed me to, and it seems the sort of resource we're looking for.

5th November 2014, 10:23
Does anyone know where we can get specialist advice on this kind of thing?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Naxos,

Welcome to the forum. I think the MND Connect Helpline would also be a good place to start.

You can contact the team on 08457 626262 or helpline@mndassociation.org.

Best wishes,


5th November 2014, 11:40
How refreshing to find a employer who will take on someone with a problem, well done!

5th November 2014, 21:33
How refreshing to find a employer who will take on someone with a problem, well done!

Hi Trevor, this person was known to me, having worked for us some years ago. Her immediate past employers behaved (in my opinion) disgracefully towards her - for example making her wait 6 months before agreeing to move her to a ground floor room.

We were so sorry to hear of her diagnosis, and of the issues she was having with her then employers, however this is anything but charity on our part. We needed someone who knew the job and who we knew we could trust, and the small adjustments we need to make to accommodate the issues she is currently facing are small fry compared to the contribution she can make. It is sad that her immediate past employers didn't value her - but their loss is our gain :D.

Andrew, thank you for the welcome, and for the contact details. I'll certainly get in touch with them for some advice.

I'll also keep reading posts on the forum to find out more about the condition as this is a learning curve for me.

5th November 2014, 22:22
You can ask anything hear and we will try to help.

5th November 2014, 22:29
Naxos, what a lovely person you are wish there was more people like you in the world. And just to add to Terrys post, they are a wonderful bag of lovely allsorts on here, very kind, helpful and wise. There will always be somebody to help you.
Take Care Springtime

12th November 2014, 17:12
How are you getting on? I am waiting for Access to Work to get bak to me re equipment/assessment

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