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5th November 2014, 09:56
Hello guys and gals

Just to let you all know that tomorrow I have been invited to represent the Royal British Legion as their plot representative at the Opening Ceremony for Westminster Garden of Remembrance at 1030 hours and there is every chance that I will have an opportunity to chat to Prince Philip (and hopefully Prince Harry, because he was there in 2013)
I am completely overwhelmed with this offer. It has come completely out of the blue! They have given permission for Peter to stand alongside me because my speech has gone now, and my balance is very iffy! I have been practising my curtseys whilst holding my magic stick but I'm not at all confident I will stay standing! I just wonder if anyone has ever fallen down at the feet of Prince Philip before !

I am, however, at the suggestion of my speech therapist, taking my IPAD with Predictable by Therapy and I have a pre recorded message which says:
"Good morning, your Highness. Here is my daughter Pippa's mobile number. Could you please pass it on to HRH Prince Harry!"

Andrew (MNDA) has very kindly sent me two beautiful lapel pin badges which Peter and I will wear with pride and we will make sure that everyone around us knows about the work done by the MNDA and the everyday problems faced, by all of us who are affected by the disease.

Joycie xx

5th November 2014, 10:20
Will be thinking of you and Peter, have a wonderful day Joycie. Hugs to you as always

Spring xx

5th November 2014, 10:38
Sounds wonderful, have a good day!:)

5th November 2014, 11:53
Have a really super day, I'm away to London today to see the poppies at the Tower and then on to watch the Mousetrap. Hope you get to meet Harry, he's gorgeous!

5th November 2014, 13:08
That sounds like a day to remember. Have a smashing time both of you. Cheers Anne

5th November 2014, 14:35
I hope you and Peter have a great day, enjoy!


6th November 2014, 03:04
Get a pic of Harry and his grandad!

Love XOXX Lynne

7th November 2014, 14:11
Well, we are home and we had a marvellous time. On Wednesday evening, we visited the Tower of London and the poppies at the Last Post service. Then on Thursday morning we made our way to the Westminster Abbey Garden of Remembrance and were in the midst of the hoi polloi and all the dignitaries. No Prince Philip but Prince Harry spent several minutes chatting to folk all around us and he spoke to me and Peter. He is a lovely young man, no guile, just natural, smiling, gracious and a marvellous ambassador to HM the Queen and the entire country. In respect of MND awareness, we stood for what seemed like hours that morning on the red carpet waiting for him to appear. We had to walk from there to Central Hall for a reception and, as we got there, my legs just buckled underneath me. I was on the deck and loads of lovely VIPs came fussing around me, lifted me up and got me in a wheelchair. I just kept pointing to the MNDA lapel pins that Andrew sent us and everyone understood what was wrong with me. Course I couldn't speak to thank them, which caused another round of questions to Peter. So, yes, Westminster knows that I have MND, right enough! But we had a really wonderful time.

7th November 2014, 14:51
You are an amazing lady that does us all proud and I am so proud of you
Dave xx

8th November 2014, 03:43
You got to speak to Prince Harry! Oh, my!! Are you posting pics on FaceBook?

Good one!!!



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