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7th November 2014, 12:48
My mother has MND (7 years) and now can no longer move or talk. Her eye movement is also very poor now so we cannot use the letters board. Does anyone have any ideas of other method of communicaton. Are there any cut-down EEG devices out there to answer yes/no etc.


7th November 2014, 15:11
I don't know what her hand movements are like. I did a picture board for Dad which had the main things on, yes, no, too hot, too cold, etc....it wasn't perfect but he could manage to point to a picture which gave us a clue....hopefully others will have some more ideas for you.

7th November 2014, 16:51
Hi Dave and welcome to the forum;

There are some at about 70 and others from Emotiv for $400's. Don't think the cheep ones are much good but they did manage to power up and down a helicopter in the gadget show. It's probably still available on I player or catch up. Might be ok for yes/no, not sure if comfortable as I guess mum has no neck control. Will require so soft ware and won't be quick to use and will need brain training.

Sorry to hear of you mum's state and things are pretty desperate if not much eye movement, maybe a yes no board might be easier.

Please let usknow how you get on and of any developments, Terry

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