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11th June 2011, 22:55
My grandad is an mnd sufferer and has recently deteriorated rapidly. Within the last month he is finding it almost impossible to eat any food due to the mucous build up in his throat. We have tried not so solid foods and blending things up but he still often chokes. It has completly put him off eating.

Are there any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

12th June 2011, 12:19
Hi Jade
sorry to hear about your grandad being so ill at present. You may be best speaking to a speech therapist. we spoke to one last week with my mum as she has lots of sticky mucus and one thought was to try and ensure that mum drinks enough water each day (days with less water consumption could result with more mucus?) the other thing is she was going to speak with the MND nurse regarding some options for opening the air waves and/ or drying up the mucus in some way? not sure if i have got it right but will know more next week when we get the answer. my advice would be to speak with a speech therapist and also the GP or Motor Neurone nurse.

There could be advice re the types of food to eat (have you got the MND recipe book), try juicing perhaps, eating slowly, eating with head forward. It is difficult i know as my mum has difficulty eating and food always gets stuck and comes up again, with every meal and drink. the other thing a speech therapist or medical person will be able to help you with is thickners to asssist swallowing- can be added to food or drink and enables the messages to be sent down correctly re the airway closing over so food passing down the wrong route can be avoided
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12th June 2011, 13:22
Ask dr about a feeding tube.

12th June 2011, 19:46

There are medications e.g. mucodyne

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Robyn Copley-Hirst
13th June 2011, 11:58
Hi Jade,

This message is just to repeat the offer Luce mentions of the MND Association Recipe Collection book containing easy-to-swallow meals.

It is not yet available online but I have a copy on my desk as we speak. I'm more than happy to email you a few recipes from it so you can see if you might find it useful, but if you give our Connect Team a call on 08457 62 62 62 they'll be able to send you one out in the post and also talk through other options or things you can do to possibly help.

There's been some good firsthand advice here on the forum already, but don't be nervous of asking more questions or getting in touch with Connect.

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