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8th November 2014, 10:00
I have the most wonderful news to share with you all!
All this year, I have been fighting the Government (MOD) because when I married Peter in April 2014 I had to give up my late husbands military pension. Even if I cohabited with him, I would have lost it.
I wasn't prepared to accept that. I started an appeal. Royal British Legion very kindly offered to support it and published my article over two pages in their Poppy Magazine. They said that the response to that featured article from the general public was exceptional. They then decided to make it their lead priority on their 2015 manifesto which was launched at each of the three party political broadcasts this autumn.
On Thursday, 6th November, because i had played such a big part in that, they invited me to be their plot representative at Westminster Garden of Remembrance and to meet Prince Harry.
Now this morning, the Prime Minister has announced from the Cabinet Room at 10 Downing Street that, as a result of the campaign, from April 2015, no service widows will have to relinquish their pensions on remarriage or cohabitation.
It is a huge success.
I never expected to win this battle in the face of all the financial constraints
The previous policy was archane, unfair and unjust
To say I am delighted is an understatement

Just thought I would share this with you all

Joycie xx

8th November 2014, 10:05
Wow Joycie,
You my little fighter is able with one article change the policy.
You are a champion and if you were close by, i would definite shout you a VB. Very very delighted in your victory.

Congratulations xx

8th November 2014, 11:41
Hello Joycie, Well what a fantastic result - what a battler you are and if you can do this with the MoD then it will stand you in good stead with the MND - battling is definitely the answer. How fab that you got to meet Prince Harry, I saw a bit of that on my news but of course I didn't see you. You have just won a great battle and so many people are going to benefit they all have much to thank you for - you are a STAR!!!! Well done, as you say delighted is an understatement!! x

8th November 2014, 12:03
Anne, I am like a giddy kipper today! The fact that I have MND was a major factor throughout the campaign so it is mega publicity for MND. It is beyond my wildest dreams Back in the Spring, I started with a list of 69 VIPS and dignitaries, Then Royal British Legion took it up for me and, with their influence, commitment and energy, we have won! Amazing! (and you are right about MND, I am fighting that as well with every ounce of my being as well!) Hugs Joycie

8th November 2014, 12:13
Good for you Joycie !! :) As we New Yorkers say; your a mover and a shaker!

CC xxoo

8th November 2014, 12:47
Joycie, Lovley Lady and Kiddy Kipper, you are achieving so much for so many. Its all been said on here so just echoing a big congratulations to you. Your family, friends and all of us here are so so proud of you.

Hugs and more Spring xx

8th November 2014, 12:51
Great news Joycie.

8th November 2014, 15:21
Well done ! You are justifiably a giddy kipper

8th November 2014, 16:28
Congratumalations Joycie...I love the expression 'giddy kipper'. You are tenacious. Thanks for sharing, and well done again

9th November 2014, 08:29
Hey Joycie,


While you are on a roll would you care to try talking to Generveron, the mnda and the UK government to see if anybody is willing to make Generveron available to somebody on this side of the pond so that it can be established that the drug is safe and effective without a 10 year wait and millions of pounds of expenditure.

It should be a piece of cake compared with asking the government to spend money on anybody but themselves.

Well done again.


9th November 2014, 11:13
John, I am up in County Durham with our daughter today but I will come home and look at it. Might just pm you! Much love joycie xx

9th November 2014, 12:51
Well done Joycie. I feel privileged to know you personally. You are truly an inspiration to all those connected with MND.
Barry x

9th November 2014, 13:01
Barry, we will have a drink to celebrate on Saturday night. we are both so looking forward to seeing you and Sue! I will have a dance with you - unless I cant balance! Ha! Ha!

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