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11th November 2014, 15:25
Does any member of this forum have any experience of using communication aids such as talkers for a long term blind user who has now developed MND?

Warwick UK

Nettie B
11th November 2014, 15:29
Are there any ways in which a Querty keyboard can be converted into Braille? There are many speech Apps for use on Apple or other computers, phones and tablets. I wonder if this helps. Maybe the Society for the Blind may know but I suspect ypu've already tried organisations like that.
Love Nettie

11th November 2014, 16:56
Hi John and welcome;

Has the person ever used a computer key board before and do they know braille. I think I pads and phones are out of the equation but as Neetie says, the blind society probably have key boards and might have stick on braille that could go onto a lightwrighter key board.

Regards Terry

11th November 2014, 17:22
Hi John again;

I have looked at the lightwrighter's web sit but can't see a braille one, I have emailed them and will let you know if positive.

You can get braille keyboards and stick on symbols from Amazon, follow link:-


The reason I mention the Lightwriter is that the Mnda often lend them out to us and they are quite simple. Laptops can have talking programs put on them as well.

The Lightwriter does not come with braille, and the key might be to small for stick on ones.

Regards Terry

20th November 2014, 15:13
Hi John,

I've had a really suggestion from our Connect Helpline staff - it may be worth getting in touch with the RNIB if you haven't already.

There is more information about their Technology Support Squad here:


And their phone number: 0303 123 9999

Best wishes,


20th November 2014, 23:51
Dear John,

I would recommend contacting Robin Christopherson. He is a very inspirational individual who uses technology to help him with his day to day life. He is blind. He gave a talk at my office about Digital Inclusion and demonstrated the future of communication with sound. Very interesting. No doubt he knows of a tool that can help you.


Kind regards,


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