View Full Version : OT says I need wheelchair ramps, wet room, lift - eligibility rules

12th November 2014, 13:10
Well yesterday we finally got our first visit from an OT. She was great - we need wheelchair ramps, a wet room and a lift to get from upstairs to down (and back again). All seemed great.

Today she 'phoned my husband to say that some of the larger items on her list were subject to eligibility rules and we may have to make some payment.

Does anyone know what these rules are and how much we may have to pay out?


12th November 2014, 14:05
I think you'll find the rules are different from authority to authority.
This link might help:

12th November 2014, 14:38
THanks Tessa,

I will see what I can glean from the surrey site


12th November 2014, 15:28
Hi Geraldine,
Good luck, with the equipment ,we had a similar list and when it came to the costs, because we had over their max in savings ,we found we had to pay for most of it ourselves, in the end we moved house into a bungalow adapted the bathroom for about half the money the various companies wanted, but we live in the cash strapped Midlands , not known for their generosity. I hope you get treated much better.


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