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15th November 2014, 16:11
Hi all

Just had to share this...

Adie had a mucus plug which was too big for him to cough up.. after 4 ambulance call outs and 2 stays in hospital we discovered postural drainage... its fantastic and has worked wonders with Adie.. he finally managed to get the mucus plug up in the night and swallow it.. and has been breathing a bit better today.

All we do is decline the bed so that his head is lower than body... and gravity does its thing. As he can't cough the plegm just drains out of lungs and he can swallow it when it comes to top into throat. I wish we'd been told about this a couple of years ago when he lost his cough... it would have kept his lungs clear for all this time avoiding all the stress and scares.

We are now on regular nebs and continue with the mucodyne carbocisteine to thin mucus down.

Hope this is some help to any of you struggling with this issue.

Lots of love


15th November 2014, 17:05
Hi Kiwan,

I am pleased you put this thread on here, it is very helpful. Simple but very effective. Thank you. xx

15th November 2014, 17:40
Many people have trouble breathing laying flat so I guess Adie is on a ventilator.

It's nice to find something that works and makes sense.


Nettie B
15th November 2014, 18:56
Thanks Koran. That's very helpful and much appreciated. I hope all is now good. X Nettie.

15th November 2014, 20:30
Hi Terry

Yes Adie been on a Nippy machine for the last 2.5 years


17th November 2014, 13:08
Good to see you posting. Say hello to Adie.

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