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21st November 2014, 12:20
On other forums I am a member of there are threads at the top of the board with loads of advice from members on what they have found useful, how to's etc.

I have noticed a fair amount of new people joining and there must be >100 yrs of experience on here from p/w mnd and carers.

What do people think to creating a few threads on some key points? Then members could post tips and advice. Andrew could sticky them.

Some examples could be, advice on exercise, different tips on comms apps, experiences of PEG and procedure, What is a WAV, pointing people to Ray's thread on supplements, how to apply for benefits etc.

It would need to be fairly concise but could be a useful glossary. Most of the info exists but it is buried in forums and i think it would be great to have a central place of reference for people new to the forum.


21st November 2014, 12:36
Good thinking Steve.

One stop shop, call here!



21st November 2014, 13:24
I acknowledge that we see the same questions come up regularly.

If there were “Stickies”, they should be in the Introduce Yourself area. My concerns are that it could become quite crowded and also deter or delay people making that first important contact.

Maybe a “New to the Forum” button could point to tips on how to search (and allow 3-lettered words) and some common questions/advice, similar in style to the “Quick Links” button.

21st November 2014, 15:07
Enter what you want to know in the search box at the top.

21st November 2014, 17:19
You are right Steve;

It is quite hard to find things on here, especially if you don't know about them in the first place. There are "Information Sheets" and "Booklets" on the main things on the main Mnda web site but again they tend to get missed.

There are so many things as there are quite a few different ways the disease affects people.

Regards Terry

22nd November 2014, 02:53
I think it a great idea! It's very confusing when you are first diagnosed. It would help to clarify things and make it easier to get around on the website.


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