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21st November 2014, 16:23
Forgot to post last week but I have had my new iPad Mini so that I can operate lights, TV's, phone, pager, and front door intercom so that I can just touch a button on the iPad and the door unlocks to let someone in. It also has Predictable on it. All paid for by the health authority
The company who did it is RSLSteeper http://assistive-technology.co.uk

21st November 2014, 16:51
They did jeans "gadget" . Very good. Jean has a button near her chair which she taps with her head and can answer phone, control tv lamp and bed.

It's been a godsend for her.

Alison x

Nettie B
21st November 2014, 17:20
Absolutely incredible!

21st November 2014, 17:55
Sounds great David;

Is that what you took the photo's with or an old phone??

Love Terry, I know it's hard too!!

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