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25th November 2014, 16:35
Well my hospital bed came yesterday. Slept in it last night, no tell a lie I laid in it all night without getting any sleep.
Every time I moved it creaked. The mattress is hard, honestly my underlay for the carpet is softer. I wanted to start sleeping a bit more upright but I kept sliding down all the time. They forgot the Monkey bar that I need to help me get in and out of bed and to help me move. I got the bed so that my wife would have a bit more peace at night but it turned out she was up and down all night(cough) poor thing.
Oh well try again tonight.

25th November 2014, 16:41
Sounds a nightmare David. I'm not at that point yet, but I'm learning what to look out for already!

25th November 2014, 18:00
Sorry to hear that David;

Mine is OK and I can raise the legs a little to stop me sliding down. They do topper mattress's that make it softer and if that is no good ask the district nurse for a different type. I have side grab rails that help greatly in turning, moving and getting up. My monkey bar is used to hang my remote switches for the light, Fan and radio oh and plus the door bell caller.

Hope you get some comfort soon and a reasonable sleep.

ZZZZZ's Terry

25th November 2014, 18:12
My OT has arranged for a pillow riser and to stop me sliding down the bed I am going to be inventive and make myself an 'apple pie' bed. Hope it all works because I love my comfy mattress, its the laying down I can't handle!

25th November 2014, 18:39
This thread is very interesting as I am about to see about getting Jim a hospital bed, so he can more upright at night. Who did you see to order it from? I thought it would perhaps be the district nurse. x

25th November 2014, 18:50
Yes Zebedee, the district nurse should sort it for you.


25th November 2014, 19:11
I've been led to believe that in my case it will be my OT. She has ordered everything to date.

25th November 2014, 19:22
Jeans OT said she couldn't have a hospital bed but district nurse got her one within a couple of days.

Jeans has an air mattress so you do get the odd buzzing sound when it's inflating.

Alison x

25th November 2014, 19:27
Sharyn has had her hospital bed for two weeks and sleeps like a log and thankfully she no longer snores
The air mattress does make the odd noise but it soon becomes part of the background noise

Dave x

25th November 2014, 19:38
HI David

I was allocatedd a hospital profile bed for sleeping downstairs. I felt it would be much fairer on my wife as I am a nightmare with spasms and cramps (In the legs and back !) Had them since 2011 and constant since then. I could not get on with the hospital mattress as it was memory foam and anchored me to one position.I need to roll to help onset of hourly cramps and must turn to minimize them. Like Jan resorted to making up a Heath Robinson device (Plum Pudding Style) which is a memory foam pillow tied to the end of the bed and I can push on this to get some grip to ease turning. I also bought a pocket sprung profile bed mattress (Not avaialable on NHS) to help with my turning problems and sleep. This does work but is a compromise. I will add mattress make when I check later.
As I see it things are very much trial and error with this issue but the monkey bars will help.
Best of luck with your ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's I'm still working on mine



25th November 2014, 20:52
Does any one know if an ordinary mattress will fit and work with a hospital bed please?

25th November 2014, 20:57
Hi Kelvin;

You are so right about memory foam anchoring you down and making it hard to turn. Any topper mattresses will make this worse. Does you bend the sprung mattress by raising the head and feet areas and how has it coped with that and how long have you had it?

Some people put things on the foot board to push against to help with cramps. I would be interested in your one and if you can include it's thickness as well.

Regards Terry

26th November 2014, 14:15
Cot sides also make turning much easier.

26th November 2014, 15:59
Hi Terry.

Iv'e had the mattress 6 months and its holding up. Must say though I sleep in two beds one upstairs and one down (Not at same time) Clever enough to get ALS but not clever enough to do that trick!! . I will revert later on make but recall was told quite honestly by the Supplier that they thought the lack of spring frame to sides would not help with longetivity. The mattress works well on my profile bed bending for head and leg functions and performs as required - no probs in that area. The mattress was not terribly expensive 170.00 as I recall. As to how long it will last I do not know but at least I can get some sleep on it when all other matt's failed.
The Heath R' arrangement at foot board ends of both beds is simple. First one is standard firm pillow tied with robust string to foot board , behind this I put a slightly smaller cushion and behind that a smaller one. Remarkably the cushions stay in place despite presure applied. I guess you could include more cushions subject to body size. Nice cheap idea! As my legs have weakened I need more pillows - Lever effect and all that. Downside is that there may come a time when there are so many pillows in the bed there will be no room for me? Joking aside this works well even if its frustrating for familly adjusting and tying string.
The memory foam arrangement on profile bed is posher . Just one pillow which was bought at IKEA . This is tied again with strong string to the top two corners of pillow and secured to foot board. One problem with profile bed leg mechanismn is that it lifts pillow assembly when legs are bent to max. Just need to remember to extract feet from under pillow assembly when returning to flat position.
More info will follow.




26th November 2014, 18:41
I can see why you named yourself crackers now Kelvin;

Thanks for the info and I might get one. I often wondered how people got on with the raising of the feet having something fixed there.

Love Terry

26th November 2014, 21:28
My husband doesn't have a hospital bed but we have been issued with satin bed sheets by the OT to help him get in and out of bed more easily, worth a try

26th November 2014, 21:50
Hi Queenie;

Always one to out do people, I have silk ones, Sheets that is, made by Windylet. They do much the same thing and I have a silk square underneath me so it's quite slippery. Ot's were worried that I would slid out but in four years I haven't managed to yet.

Regards Terry

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