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26th November 2014, 02:26
Graham, All

I stated I would not return to that ridiculous thread and I won’t, and really don’t want to drag this nonsense on any further, but just need to clear up a few misunderstandings when being accused of making light of this illness.

Your demanding an apology from me Graham, there will be none coming. Had I said anything with intent to offend, you would receive one, but that was not the case. I sincerely do not know where in my words it was led to believe I’m making light of your condition ??

I stated, ‘sorry you consider yourself a less fortunate soul‘. That seems to be the first sentence that seems to have you and others in an uproar ? Let me clarify it so you will understand the tone and content of what I was saying. My intent behind it was; if you had a wonderful life prior to becoming ill and even still with this illness now, and you have daily blessings and happiness in your life still, then it’s sad to hear you consider yourself less then fortunate. Whether you want to hear it or not Graham, we all have struggles, challenges, illnesses, losses and death to deal with in our lives not just those living with this illness that make us want to scream out and curse our heads off. I didn’t realize that I needed to clarify that mnd ranks up there as probably one of the worse, because being here for the past years and in the trenches with my beloved friend I’m well aware.

If anyone owes anyone an apology, you owe me one Graham to even suggest that I would make light anyone suffering with this illness, but I’m not asking for one nor do I want one.

As far as that Big Red guy, and others you named I had a go out. Oh well…I’m a woman that speaks her mind, and has a difference of opinion on many topics. I guess some men can’t handle that. This is a forum after all where thoughts, feelings, and opinions are expressed, and most importantly respected.

So there you have it, understand or not, makes no difference to me. I always stand in my convictions and stand in my truth.

I’m done with this post as well, and will not hear any further comments from me on this matter.

Good night :)
CC xoox

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