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26th November 2014, 13:24
Some of you may have been offended by my recent posts, I wish to apologise to the regular members that were upset by anything I said during my posts, It most certainly will not happen again . I along with John have removed my posts on that thread.

26th November 2014, 13:42
Hi Pete;

I don't think that you need to apologize although it's never a bad idea.

Everyone is entitled to voice their views and it is quite hard to write it well and concisely. Even the government get some laws worded incorrectly. So we should be a bit more tolerant of others, the vast majority of people are good people even though their values might differ a bit to mine or yours.

Disagreement and discussion are normally good things as it educates us and often widens our views, but it has to be done in a polite and listening way, otherwise no one gains anything other than ill feeling.


26th November 2014, 13:57
Hi Pete

Do agree with Terry, no need to apologize, and well said Terry.

To my Forum Friends, thanks for your PM's and words of support much appreciated and means a lot :)


26th November 2014, 16:08
This highlights some of the difficulties those of us without speech face on a daily basis. The written word does not allow for tone of voice or facial or body gestures. This often leads to misunderstandings! Enough said!!

26th November 2014, 16:56
I am pretty good with words, but I am always typing or writing stuff that doesn't convey the right message! You lose the spontaneity of speech, with all the inflections you put into normal talk! You are quite right, Miranda, Isn't it just so good that you can get on this forum and other people really understand your problems. I really don't know how I would manage without all you guys and gals! xx

27th November 2014, 02:46
I was wondering where your post went Pete. There i was thinking, that there must be a black hole swallowing the funny one. I couldn't personally see anything offensive about it. Where is the good British humour when you need it? And it is badly needed here on this forum.
I certain am confused about the need for an apology. xx
Best wishes

27th November 2014, 08:42
I missed the whole thing, but Pete you have been such a support to me in the short time I have been on the forum that I can't imagine anything that bad!! Having no speech makes for difficult times and typing it out as willsandco said loses such a lot of meaning - clearly you didn't suffer this for whatever you said this time!! Sense of humour always required without it we are done for! Hope today is a good one for you and everyone looking in at the moment. If today is good and we have no idea what tomorrow will be like, then let's go for today :)

27th November 2014, 08:49
Wise words, GrannieAnnie. Pete has been a super support to me too. Lets go out and live for today! x Joycie xx

27th November 2014, 10:50
Hi Pete,

You are a class act, we all know that.


Nettie B
27th November 2014, 11:14
Pete. There was no apology needed. I think you probably said what many of us thought and I have always valued your posts. You said just the right things to me a few weeks ago when I was having a bad time and a "rant". You have a lot of "followers" and support.

27th November 2014, 11:33
Pete and everyone :) lets all have a group hug cos we all need each other xxxxxxxx0000xxxx

Nettie B
27th November 2014, 16:20
I'm with you there Jane. A group hug indeed! {(((((((((((((((((Hug)))))))))))))))

27th November 2014, 20:28
Thank you all for your posts, I would never knowingly upset or offend any of you, we are here for the sole purpose of supporting and helping one another in difficult times, I would never want the forum to suffer because of my personal views ,thank you all.

27th November 2014, 20:54
I did not agree with all that you said but the world might be a bit boring if everyone said yes.

Huggs, Terry

27th November 2014, 21:02
LOL :)

I agree with all that Pete said, and agree with Terry, the world would be boring if we all said yes...

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans here :) and a big hug right back !!


27th November 2014, 23:50
Hey Pete,
'did you ever know you're my hero'.....yes sing it like Bette Midler.......I hold you in such high esteem and I've never met you face to face, but your love and support and wise words helped me through such tough times, thank you
and to all of you ...some people find it easy to say sorry and others find it very hard to say sorry....read between the lines.
Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind.........very true saying.
with love to all

28th November 2014, 03:22
You are a real gentleman. Sometimes things need to be said. I think when things are said in a spirit of caring - it's good. Like what was said earlier, "you're a class act" A man who has the humility to admit when he is wrong is a great man.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))


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