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27th November 2014, 18:48
Hi Graham;

I did scan your earlier post but I was on my way out to the gym.

It might be the time to try and set up internet banking, I don't trust computers much but I have a Paypal account that automatically tops up from a small bank account, so I could only lose a few hundred pounds, instead of my millions, I wish.

I know things are not very easy for you to get done, as you haven't anyone there to help much.

Hoping you get something sorted, Terry

PS:- I'm sure others here do a lot of their banking online.

27th November 2014, 19:03
Hi Terry,
I think that's not going to be that easy matey, if it's anything like our bank, I can't use it simply because I can't answer the security questions, yet another problem that's caused by not being able to speak.

27th November 2014, 19:11
Yeh, I don't know much about it Pete Mate;

I use Paypal OK but my wife puts money (sometimes) into a bank account that it draws out from. It works well, but it's so hard for Graham.

Love Terry

27th November 2014, 19:47
I bank online with two high street banks. I can still type with my left hand and there is no speech required.

I don't know where Graham's post went, but if it's re-posted I try to help.

27th November 2014, 21:25
Hi Terry, Jock,

Gill Dummigan at North West Tonight will help me tomorrow.

Hi Andrew,

I have sent a few emails to Steve. He hasn't responded as yet. I have asked that the MNDA pay for the pyjama and towel service in the interim period while Salford social services help me put a sustainable plan in place.

Tonight I will be dried with soiled towels again.

27th November 2014, 21:50
I will lend you some money to buy new ones Graham if you find somewhere that will take paypal like on ebay or else where. Upto 100, I will need your address and what you want and from where.

Kind regards, Terry

28th November 2014, 12:51
Hi Terry,

Thank you for your kind offer. Our MNDA has stepped in to fund my pyjamas and towels and I thank our MNDA too.

My carers turned up with a supply of pyjamas and towels last night. Having been told that I wouldn't get any more, I was surprised to see them. Thankfully I was able to eat again after 24 hours of not eating or drinking for fear of creating poo.

My care system has strong pathological tendencies.

I have money in my account, it is just that my social services refuse to make provision for me to get hard cash. Then I am expected to pay the launderette to wash my towels??

I have a washing machine too. My carers broke it and flooded my kitchen causing extensive damage, which at present they refuse to pay for.

This is the reality of 'Life with MND' in Salford. It ain't the disease that gets yer.

28th November 2014, 13:10
That's good Graham;

I would PM Jack, if you dare, (he looks frightening to me) and see if you could get internet banking. My offer is normally available all I need is the persons Paypal email address and I can transfer money or many shops take it. It would be good if some of the problems with the washing and money could be sorted but I can-ish understand how hard it is for you as I find it hard even with a wife to do somethings.

Best wishes, Terry

28th November 2014, 23:41
Yes Terry these days all my bills are handled online. I am even shopping big items online, for convenience as they are delivered to my door. Life is certainly a lot easier.

28th November 2014, 23:45
My heart goes out to you, and relieved to hear that you are being looked after. Hope you settle those monetary matters soon.

Best wishes

28th November 2014, 23:47
And Terry, you're kindness and generosity makes me feel good and happy. Many blessings.
Best wishes

29th November 2014, 09:02
Hi Graham -

Will your launderette accept online payment?

Is there not anyone you trust who can get some funds out of the bank each month to last the month?

Let us know when Steve gets in touch.

Terry: My Avatar is James McAvoy playing scheming, manipulative, misanthropic Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson in 'Filth'. :)

29th November 2014, 09:56
I have sorted out a Power of Attorney for my wife and she has a cheque book and debit card to my account. That does not mean I cannot use it and still have full control, but as my speech and writing is so bad, I get her to make most of the payments. We went into the bank recently and I wanted to draw some cash out of the machine. Put the card in, entered my pin and request, cash came out, but when I went to pull put the card, I could not do it. We had the same thing recently when I was driving to the hospital. Stopped at the barrier, pressed the button, but could not pick up the token, people behind me were not very pleased.

29th November 2014, 13:06
Hi guys,

Thanks for the support and advice.

I am on internet banking and do online shopping. I don't have PayPal and will look into it. Terry, in your experience, how many shops take it and how does it work?

Hi Jock, in law, we are entitled to live independently. This is very relevant to Trevor's circumstances too. My social services refuse to make provision for me to get hard cash. In a land of equal opportunities, I make the point to the Local Government Ombudsman that my social services have a duty for me to be able to access hard cash.

29th November 2014, 14:20
Hi Graham;

There is probably little advantage in having Paypal on top of internet banking. Paypal is used mainly online and is not accepted by everyone as I think the cost to the seller is high. Silly suggestion, wait for it, Would the bank mail cash to you???

Banks are trying to be more helpful these days.

I did say it's silly, Terry

29th November 2014, 16:44
There is a charge for using Paypal, I do not know if this has already been mentioned.

29th November 2014, 18:00
Hi Trevor;

It's all I've got but I believe that it does not cost to buy things or to send gifts of money to people. The cost is mainly if you receive payment for goods that you are selling.


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