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28th November 2014, 11:05

Terry and I were commenting on aspects of your thread David on Hospital Beds.
I found all Soc' S' mattresses definitely 3 Bearish and unlike Goldilocks could not get comfortable with any of them. My problem is since 2011 Iv'e had spasms and muscle pain in my legs and back when sleeping. If I don't wake and turn hourly the spasms are hell.
Memory foam mattresses provided by the NHS for me were a total no go but I can cope with a combination mattresses like good old Lenny Henry.
I came across a pocket sprung mattress in early 2014, on ebay, which was suitable for a hospital profile bed. The mattresses make was 'Restwell' and I brought one on spec for 170.00 app. This was an opportunity as the cheapest mattress for a single bed now is 270.00 via 'mobiltyaid.co.uk' unless you can surf and find one cheaper. With this mattress it is firm enough to allow my limited movement without the negative aspects of memory foam. As the mattress has flexible sides it is unusual without a firm edge. It is not unlike a Lilo in the sea when sitting on it, but without water!! I am exaggerating but it is unusual and you need to be mindful of this. Iv'e only had Restwell for a few months but it is comfortable and serviceable.
This may help with your question David but again this means spending money as it is not state funded.
Best of luck and if anyone needs more info' please let me know.




28th November 2014, 14:10
Thank you Kelvin. I will look into it.


28th November 2014, 14:25
Yes, Thanks Kelvin;

I am a little worried about the soft edge, thank you so much for pointing out what it feels like. What sort of thickness is it?


28th November 2014, 15:02
Hi Terry

I should have used flexible instead of soft edged . I was thinking of PALS with very poor core muscle issues. Mine aren't brillant but the mattress seems safe, at the moment. The thickness of mine is just under 8".



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