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sharon brown
28th November 2014, 19:06
my mum is now getting to the stage now where shes dribbling a lot has a cloth with her to wipe her dribble away, her swallow muscle is getting worse now having great trouble eating now, couple of days ago she choked on a hard biscuit its getting very scary now, she cant have a peg fitted as she has frontotempal dementia and theres a risk if she had a peg she would pull it out. also shes having an oximeter on for a couple of days to see how her levels are at night. its a total nightmare watching my mum go downhill she has lost her voice now which is so frustrating for her. how does she eat if she cant have a peg fitted I wish I could help her, the mnd nurse keeps saying its going to end in a crisis this disease is a total nightmare. are there other ways of feeding my mum?

28th November 2014, 19:34
Hi Sharon,
Sorry to hear about your mum, but there are soft food diets and drinking via straws, then if things get worse pureed food, the dietician would be the best advice, but there are high calorie protein drinks that can be had via the GP, so yes quite a lot can be tried.


ps try Kwells tablets for her excess saliva ?

29th November 2014, 13:41
Sorry for not posting Yesterday Sharon but I was not well;

I believe they can feed via a tube down the nose and into the stomach, it is not the most comfortable thing. I think that they might do it for a short time (three weeks) in some cases. They can also hydrate with a drip and this often helps.

A lot of it is up to your Mum.

Best wishes, Terry

Welcome to the forum and please feel free to ask any questions here.

30th November 2014, 21:30
In my experience an NG tube can be used for many months. It ensures that nutrition is good and can be supplemented as appropriate with drinks and/or food.

30th November 2014, 22:19
Jean hasn't had a peg fitted. We manage with just puréed food. Also liquids are much harder to swallow so need thickener added to make it easier. I also shortened jeans straws as she finds it difficult to suck drinks up otherwise.

She has porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and tinned mince in gravy with pureed vegetables and ice cream. Also manages rice pudding pretty well.

Alison x

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