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1st December 2014, 16:25
Please tell me about experiences with catheters. I am advised to consider a supra-pubic catheter.

All advice gratefully accepted.

Kind regards to all


1st December 2014, 16:40
Hi Michael;

You can't manage with a condom thingy then, into a bag or a normal type of catheter, ouch.

There is some info on :- http://www.uhb.nhs.uk/Downloads/pdf/PiSupraPubicUrinaryCatheter.pdf

I think Treelover had one, mind you I think shes a lady but it might be the same Opp.

Best wishes, Terry

1st December 2014, 16:45
Hi Michael, I had a supra pubic catheter fitted in May this year at my request. It was a straightforward procedure under a spinal block, took about half an hour. It's easier if you are slim apparently and I am. There was a small wound with two stitches covered with a waterproof dressing, left on for 10 days. I had a bag attached for those10 days, changed daily by my husband. Then I had a Flip-flo valve put on the end. As we usually have normal sensation this has been wonderful. When I feel I need to go I open the valve and put it into a empty water bottle and empty my bladder. Usually every 3-4 hours. This gets tipped down the loo. We put a bag on at night. I have had one infection since, after a catheter change but it's so obvious ,as you can see and smell your urine, that treatment was quick and effective. We were able to go out and about all summer with no need for transfer to a toilet ( obviously only if my bowels were sorted before we went out). I was able to be left alone too, important to me. The catheter needs changing every 8 weeks, done in my wheelchair by the district nurse, no problem. I do have a skin reaction to the tube, having tried latex and silicone I now take antihistamines and use hydrocortisone cream if necessary. Mind you I've always been allergic to most things. I have rejected a PEG and Nippy but the catheter has been a real benefit.

1st December 2014, 17:33
Hi Treelover,

Thank you for your reply and given me encouragement to consider the op.

Best regards

2nd December 2014, 19:16
Just another thought, my tube looks just like Karena 's picture of her peg in today's posts. Clean little hole, no dressing.

28th February 2016, 11:51
Hi Kc;

I don't want to frighten you but others found this to be a great benefit.

Sorry Terry

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